Increase in covid cases- Saudi Arabia and UAE on Qatars red list

Doha: Kovid added more countries to the Qatar Red List, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia, in the wake of the expansion of the new variant Omikron. The Ministry of Public Health has revised the list of countries where Kovid is affected.

The new list will take effect on January 1 at 7 p.m. With this, a two-day hotel quarantine has become mandatory for those coming to Qatar on visitor visas from the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

This brings the number of redlisted countries from 23 to 47. Lebanon, Jordan, Kenya, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Sudan are also on the red list. According to the updated list, the number of green list countries has been reduced from 175 to 159.

At the same time, India is on the exceptional red list. Currently, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Botswana, Lisotta, Namibia and Zimbabwe are on the Exceptional Red List. Nine countries are on the Exceptional Red List.



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