“Increased electricity and gas bills… an average of 3,000 won more per household per month”

From tomorrow (the 1st), the household gas rate will increase by 3%. If you add up the electricity bills that have already risen in part, each household will pay an average of 3,000 won more per month.

This is reporter Kim Beom-joo.


From tomorrow onwards, gas rates for houses will rise by an average of 3%.

The gas rate for housing is now increased by 0.43 won from 14.22 won per megajoule (MJ) to 14.65 won.

Business rates applied to restaurants and public baths will rise from 1.2% to 1.3% depending on the industry.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy explained that the KOGAS has accumulated a deficit of 1.8 trillion won as rates have been bundled for one year and nine months since the corona crisis.

In addition, as international LNG prices have risen further this year, he said, inevitably, the rate has been raised from the minimum level.

In this way, on average, each household will pay an additional 940 won per month in gas bills.

In addition, rates for restaurants and cafeterias, hairdressing and lodging businesses will increase by an average of 1,000 won per month.

It has already been decided to raise the electricity rate by 2,400 won per month on average for a family of four for reasons such as climate and environment charges from tomorrow.

When electricity and gas bills are combined, the average household will pay an average of 77,000 won per month, starting tomorrow at 80,000 won and 3,300 won more.


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