“Increased indemnity insurance premium by 14%”… If you are worried about the new ‘50% discount’

It has been confirmed that the premium for indemnity insurance will increase by an average of 14% next year. At the same time, if you switch to the new indemnity insurance that is currently on sale, you will have to cut the insurance premium by half for one year, but you should consider it carefully before signing up.

This is reporter Kim Beom-joo.


Next year’s actual loss insurance premium will rise by an average of 14.2%.

The insurance industry has argued that the loss of indemnity insurance is so large that the premium should be raised by 25% or more, but this was decided after final consultation with the authorities.

For the 27 million people who bought outdated indemnity insurance before 2017, their premiums will increase by an average of 16%.

Since most insurance premiums are renewed every 3 to 5 years, it is expected that insurance premiums will rise by 50% or more if several years’ worth of increases are applied at once.

In addition, from then on to the first half of this year, the average premium for 8 million third-generation indemnity insurance subscribers also rises by 8.9%.

Exactly how much insurance premium will rise for each individual is notified individually through mail, e-mail, or text message.

The insurance industry also decided to cut insurance premiums by 50% for one year when changing insurance by the first half of next year in order to induce the transition to the 4th generation insurance, which started in the second half of this year.

The 4th generation insurance premium is cheaper than the previous insurance, but there is a limit to returning the treatment cost, and if you go to the hospital a lot, then the premium rises significantly, so you need to carefully review it and decide to switch.



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