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Increased to 67 confirmed cases related to cricket boiler… F East-West concentration

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Asan cricket factory where mass infection occurred © News1

The cumulative number of confirmed cases related to the cricket boiler plant in Asan, Chungnam has increased to 67. It was found that the occurrence of confirmed cases was concentrated in the F workers in charge of the assembly and shipping process.

On the 16th, Chungnam Province announced that 54 people were positive as a result of a full examination the previous day on 632 workers excluding the existing confirmed patients. The number of confirmed cases is expected to increase as 89 people, including the employee’s family, are currently being tested.

On the 13th, the number of confirmed cases increased to 67 within four days after the factory employee, Cheonan 850, was tested positive. There were 55 confirmed cases in Cheonan, 8 in Asan, 1 in Daegu, 1 in Chuncheon, Gangwon, 1 in Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, and 1 in Jeju.

Of the 67, 57 were employees and 10 were family members, of which 3 were foreign workers. It was found that confirmed patients in other regions went home during the Lunar New Year holiday and received a call from the company and received an examination or voluntarily.

The plant consists of five buildings, A, B, C, D, and F, with 122, 124, 96, 94, and 205 workers, respectively. Of these, 51 are foreign workers.

All of the confirmed cases are workers in Building F, the assembly and shipping process. Building F consists of the first and second floors, and is said to have a production line on the first floor and an office on the second floor.

Currently, boiler production has been completely stopped, and it is expected that the resumption will be decided according to the results of total inspection and environmental inspection.

An official from Asan City said, “16 environmental specimens are being collected and tested at the facility in Building F,” and said, “It seems that the cause of the group infection can only be determined when a test is issued.”

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that among the employees’ family members, a worker working at a nursing hospital in Asan was tested positive.

As a result of conducting diagnostic tests on 288 people including the hospital workers and residents, all were negative.

(DaejeonㆍChungnam = News 1)

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