Incredible: After his victory an American boxer renounces his nationality to become Russian

Kevin Blue Johnson is an American professional boxer. He challenged for the WBC heavyweight title once in 2009. He had notable victories over former world champions Bruce Seldon and Yoan Pablo Hernández. One of the major facts of his career is certainly his fight on March 31 against Vyacheslav Datsik from which he emerged victorious.

But especially this speech which did not go unnoticed. Addressing the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, the athlete formally applied to obtain Russian citizenship. He wishes to have a Russian passport, a Russian identity document and a residence in this country which particularly seduces him to paraphrase it in his word to the journalists after the fight.

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The statement of the athlete to Vladimir Putin

A resolute decision no doubt motivated by his admiration for the greatness shown by Russia from the top of the multiple maneuvers orchestrated by the United States of America and Europe. The 43-year-old boxer will undoubtedly have a favorable response. There is strong reason to believe that many, like him, will renounce American citizenship; if we are to believe the resolution of certain countries to turn their backs on the country of Uncle Sam for other horizons.

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The full fight


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