India @ 75 businesses in Indian history – india@75 businesses in Indian history

The country completes 75 years of independence. Countless businesses run in this country. India is creating new business opportunities every day. On this occasion of independence, looking back, some of the mentioned institutions become the pride of the country. Here is a brief look at some of those companies.

1. Times of India; Face of Indian Journalism

The Times of India (Bennett Coleman & Company Limited) has become a pillar of media activity in India since 1838 and has been the pride of the country in front of the world. The bi-weekly publication began for the Bombay business community. The name Times Of India (TOI) was adopted from 1861 after merger. The organization is also known as ‘Hen Donesig Bori Bunder’.

In 1948, the Sahu Jain family became the owners of the company. The newspaper, which has become the face of the nation, is also a symbol of Indian youth. The organization that gave a new face to journalism in the 1980s and later ventured into areas such as television and the Internet is today one of the largest media industries in the world. The Times of India Group contributes a large share of the country’s $28 billion media and entertainment industry.

2. Parle-G; Amazing biscuit flavour


Parle-G biscuit with tea. It is also one of the habits of most Indians since time immemorial. The company was founded by Mohanlal Chauhan in 1929 during the Swadeshi struggle. Parle-G was also India’s answer to expensive British biscuits. The brand never looked back after adopting the Parle-G name in 1982, despite facing stiff competition from other glucose biscuits in the meantime.

3. Rasna Brand refreshing


There is hardly anyone who does not remember the words spoken by a little girl in an advertisement on Doordarshan. The slogan ‘I love you Rasna’ is accepted by a large part of India. 1980 is the squash that conquered the market. Kanni later produced several types of drinks. Whenever it has faced big competition, the company has regained ground by using celebrities like Kapil Dev, Karisma Kapoor and Akshay Kumar.

4. Raymond; Dress perfectly


Raymond is the brand that first reminded Indians that men should dress classy, ​​​​​​​​and still continues to remind them. The company started in 1925. In 1944, JK Group took over the company. The availability of durable luxury clothing at affordable prices has changed the very concept of Indian fashion.

5. Royal Enfield; Rumbling in the chest


Any kid can recognize Royal Enfield among many bikes. Be it by sight or sound. That sound alone is enough to recognize the brand without even looking. This is the success of the company. The first bike was released in England in 1901. In 1950, it was found to be the most suitable bike for the Indian Army. Madras Motors founded Enfield India in 1955, now Royal Enfield. It is a subsidiary of Eicher Motors. Today, Enfield is not just a bike for its owners, but a way of life.

6. SBI; All India Bank


An SBI branch can be found in any corner of the country. Here we see the concept of a banker for every Indian becoming a reality.

At the time of India’s independence, SBI was known as Imperial Bank. At that time there were 172 branches and assets of 11.85 crores. Today, SBI has more than 24,000 branches in India. The bank has more than 190 offices in 35 countries.

Companies like Ruhafsa, Surf, Taj Hotel, Thumbs Up, T-Series, Vicks, Vijay Super, and others too numerous to mention here have built the foundation of India’s proud business heritage.

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