India-Netherlands World Cup Warm-Up Match Abandoned Due to Rain in Thiruvananthapuram

Rain Plays Spoilsport in India-Netherlands World Cup Warm-up Match

Thiruvananthapuram: As cricket enthusiasts eagerly awaited the India-Netherlands World Cup warm-up match, their hopes were dashed due to relentless rainfall in Thiruvananthapuram. The downpour, which began last night, showed no signs of relenting, ensuring that the highly anticipated match scheduled for this afternoon would be abandoned.

The intensity of the rain has been steadily increasing since the early hours of the morning. Even if the rain subsides, the time required to prepare the ground would significantly delay the start of the game. Organizers are closely monitoring the weather, hoping for a possible rescheduling if the rain clears up later in the day, albeit with reduced overs.

The Greenfield Stadium boasts an efficient drainage system. However, the saturation of the field makes hosting the match a challenge. Yesterday, the Indian cricket team, who arrived in the capital on Sunday, practiced at St. Xavier in Thumpa. This unfortunate rain-induced abandonment is their second consecutive warm-up match cancellation following the England encounter. Similarly, the match between South Africa and Afghanistan as well as the Australia-Netherlands clash in Kariyavatta were also disrupted by the unfavourable weather conditions. Although the Australia-Netherlands game was initially shortened to 23 overs, the rain returned during the Dutch innings, leading to its abandonment.

In a noteworthy performance, Yashaswi Jaiswal achieved a remarkable century against Nepal, surpassing Gill’s previous record.

Yesterday’s warm-up match between New Zealand and South Africa saw New Zealand completing their innings, but heavy rainfall halted South Africa’s progress after 37 overs. As per the Duckworth-Lewis method, New Zealand was declared winner.

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Thiruvananthapuram: Those waiting to watch India’s World Cup warm-up match will be disappointed today. The rain in Thiruvananthapuram area since last night has intensified by this morning. With this, it is certain that the India-Netherlands World Cup warm-up match, which is scheduled to start today afternoon, will be in the water.

It was raining lightly since the night and getting stronger in the morning. Even if it rains, it takes hours to set up the ground, so there is little chance that the game will start at the scheduled time anyway. The organizers are looking forward to seeing if the game will be played even if the rain clears in the afternoon and the overs are shortened.

Although the green field stadium has a good drainage system, if the field gets wet, it will be difficult to hold the game. The Indian cricket team, which arrived in the capital on Sunday, went for training yesterday afternoon at the St. Xavier in Thumpa. India’s first warm-up match against England was abandoned due to rain. The match to be played in Guwahati was abandoned due to heavy rain after the toss.

The South Africa-Afghanistan warm-up match and the Australia-Netherlands warm-up match scheduled to be held in Kariyavatta were abandoned due to rain. The match between Australia and the Netherlands was shortened to 23 overs, but after the Aussies’ innings, the rain came again during the Dutch innings and it was abandoned.

Yashaswi Jaiswal also broke Gill’s record with a blistering century against Nepal.

In the warm-up match between New Zealand and South Africa yesterday, New Zealand’s innings was complete, but by the time the rain came after 37 overs of South Africa’s innings, New Zealand had been declared the winners under the Duckworth rule -Lewis.

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