Indian reality movie “Girls Rules” unveils ultimate poster today, revealing female discrimination and passionate_movie_girl voice

Original title: Indian reality film “Girls Rules” reveals the ultimate poster today, revealing female discrimination and a passionate voice

Sohu Entertainment News India’s top-rated reality masterpiece “Girls Rules” officially hit the national theaters today (January 6), and an ultimate poster was released. The film tells the torturous story of a girl who accidentally injured a boy in order to reject the boy’s aggressive behaviour. Then, she and her companions were constantly threatened and harassed by the man. This poster is hand painted to capture the emotional state of the women standing in the dock with fear and dignity but still with steadfast eyes. In the face of this black-and-white legal case, not only did a retired gold medal lawyer defend the women who suddenly encountered injustice and prejudice, but the three women also stood firmly by each other’s side, fighting against the boys, the people around them. , and the deep female discrimination in active Fighting Indian society. The yellow tape wrapped around the women in the photo is a symbol of the “rules” that have restricted women’s freedom for a long time. The state of the tape being worn and about to break shows that these old habits will eventually be abandoned and disappear, which is particularly meaningful.

The ultimate court battle whips up the misogynist society and boldly exposes the truth about discrimination between women

On the ultimate poster of the movie “Girls Rules” released today, the girls who were originally violated stood in the dock because of the vicious revenge of the boys, and they were mocked as sluts who intentionally hurt others and prostitution and extortion. Faced with the accusations of outright framing, the women in the picture looked helpless but still gathered their courage and looked straight ahead. The film starts from an ordinary cause, but it shows the bloody and brutal reality of Indian society: In this country where sexual crimes are so serious, women not only suffer from long-term threats to their safety, but also the behavior of the female victim is easier after the case of sexual assault has occurred Being magnified by the public, receiving abuse and accusations that should not have existed. On the poster, the yellow tape wrapped around the women symbolizes the “rules” set by traditional feudal concepts for women – “don’t travel alone with men”, “don’t taking the initiative to smile at men”, “don’t go out alone at night”, , “You can’t drink alcohol at a party”… Once the victim breaks the law, it’ n the offender appears to be able to forgive the harm caused to the woman. the crux of the difficulty in judging sexual assault cases in India. The film uses an extreme court argument to strongly refute this kind of “rule for women” which is called protection but is actually discriminatory. The lawyer played by Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan is calm, logical but without losing warmth. ‘Protection effectively whips the inherent prejudices out of misogynist society. The crumpled old tape on the poster suggests that these codes of conduct will eventually be broken.

The film “Girls Rules” is based on the reality of tears and blood, and it truly presents the pervasive harm and violence against women in Indian society; being harassed, trampled, maliciously photographed by P, and verbally slandered… The film hurts like that. much Pain, and strives to uncover the deepest scar in Indian society – the truth about gender inequality. The film’s screenwriter, Retish Shah, once said: The film’s meaning “has already surpassed film”, conveying the film’s conscience and courage.

The film “Girls’ Rules” cuts into the most immediate issues of women’s safety, and its concerns and reflections on reality resonate with women. After the concept of “girl rules” was introduced, it sparked heated discussions among many viewers: “Girls have been taught what to do and what not to do from an early age. It’s time to break free from the shackles of sexism!”, “‘No’ Just ‘no’! Women should not be bound by rules.”

The film “Girls Rules” was evaluated by the Indian media as “a must-see film that shakes India’s feudal ideology.” Some viewers were overwhelmed by the depth of the film’s daring exposure of the dark side of discrimination against Indian women, and lamented, “After watching the film, I feel mixed feelings, and I can’t be silent for a long time”, “I Dare to make it! The society needs such a film”, “It not only reflects Indian women, is the survival dilemma that every woman will face at this time”; the film also continues the constant visibility and excitement of Indian films. “It’s a slap in the face of India, a society where men are better than women, and it makes people excited.” This thoughtful and artistic female masterpiece is worthy for all audiences to watch on the big screen and gain thought and inspiration.Return to Sohu to see more


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