Indian teenage sisters found dead hanging from a tree

“It looks like he was murdered after being gang-raped”

▲ A teenage sister was found dead in India hanging from a tree. Reuters

A teenage sister was found dead in India, hanging from a tree.

It turns out that the victims are Dalits (Untouchables), the lowest caste in India.

According to The Guardian, Voice of America (VOA), and Reuters on the 18th, a sister aged 15 and 17 was found dead by hanging from a tree near her home in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, in the afternoon of the day. 14th

The men were raped and then killed by six men who lived nearby.

Based on the testimony of the bereaved family and the results of an autopsy, the police arrested six men who lived nearby on charges of sexual assault and murder.

The police said, “It is believed that the men lured the sister to a sugarcane field, raped and killed her, and then hung her body on a tree to hide herself as a suicide.”

As for whether the women followed the men voluntarily, the police said that “the sisters appear to have followed the same”. On the other hand, the bereaved families demanded that the sisters be kidnapped, not abducted.

The sister’s mother told the local media, “On the day of the incident, men appeared in the house and forcibly took the girls on a scooter.”

Meanwhile, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in India, there have been an average of 87 cases of sexual violence against women per day in India over the past year.

Some, including human rights groups, estimate that the actual number of sexual offenses would have been much higher, given the number of cases not reported in government data.

Equality Now, an international women’s group, said, “The Indian government should make efforts to prevent and solve the problem of sexual violence. In particular, there is a dire need for systematic changes to protect Dalit women and strongly punish perpetrators.”

Reporter Kim Chae-hyun

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