Indian Women’s Doubles Pair Ashwini Ponnappa and Tanisha Krasto Advance in Hong Kong Super 500 Badminton Tournament

Indian Women’s Doubles Pair Advances to Pre-quarters at Hong Kong Super 500 Badminton Tournament

Kowloon: The Indian women’s doubles pair of Ashwini Ponnappa and Tanisha Krasto showcased their badminton prowess as they secured a spot in the pre-quarterfinals at the prestigious Hong Kong Super 500 badminton tournament, held in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Ashwini and Tanisha Outshine Chia Hsin-Teng Chun Hsun

In an exhilarating match, Ashwini Ponnappa and Tanisha Krasto overcame the formidable duo of Chia Hsin-Teng Chun Hsun from Chinese Taipei with a two-set victory of 21-19 and 21-19, demonstrating their impeccable skills and teamwork.

Next, they are set to face off against Japan’s Mayu Matsumoto and Wakana Nagahara, promising an electrifying clash between these talented pairs.

Lakshya Sen Withdraws due to Back Injury

However, India’s Lakshya Sen had to withdraw from the tournament due to a back injury, hindering his chance to showcase his skills on an international stage. The young badminton prodigy’s absence will surely be felt in the tournament.

Priyanshu Rajawat’s Defeat Against Kanta Tsuneyama

Another Indian player, Priyanshu Rajawat, faced a formidable challenge in the form of Japan’s Kanta Tsuneyama. Unfortunately, Rajawat fell short, succumbing to a defeat of 13-21 and 14-21 against Tsuneyama.

The Hong Kong Super 500 badminton tournament continues to captivate audiences with its intense matches and exceptional talent from all over the world. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling event!

Kowloon: Indian women’s doubles pair Ashwini Ponnappa and Tanisha Krasto advanced to the pre-quarters of the Hong Kong Super 500 badminton tournament in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Tanisha and Ashwini Lee beat Chinese Taipei’s Chia Hsin-Teng Chun Hsun 21-19 21-19. Japan’s Mayu Matsumoto and Wakana Nagahara will face each other next.

Meanwhile, Lakshya Sen withdrew from the tournament due to a back injury. Priyanshu Rajawat lost to Kanta Tsuneyama of Japan 13-21, 14-21.

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