Indians will not tolerate an Indian team coming to Pakistan and losing: former Pak player quipped

Islamabad ∙ Pakistan’s former captain, Javed Miandad, has exploded against the stance of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) if this year’s Asia Cup was to be held in Pakistan, it will not be played. Miandad criticized the Indian team if they are not interested in coming to Pakistan. Whether India makes it to the Asia Cup is of no concern to Pakistan. Miandad said it is the responsibility of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to ensure the participation of the teams.

I have said this before. If not coming to Pakistan, let the Indian team go to whatever hell. It does not concern us. It is the ICC’s responsibility to ensure India’s participation in the tournament. If the ICC has no control in this respect, then why such an organisation?’ – Miandad asked.

“The rule applies equally to all teams. No matter how powerful you are, obey the law. India does not rule cricket in the world. Indian cricket can be a big event in its own country. But not for us. Not so for other teams in the world. Come boldly to Pakistan. Play cricket here. Why hesitate? Perhaps the reason is that the people of India will not tolerate it if they come to Pakistan and lose,” Miandad pointed out.

“The ICC should take strong action in this regard. Why such an organization if there is no control over such things? Just make a decision about these things. The ICC should resolve such issues as soon as possible’ – said Miandad.

BCCI’s view is that the Indian team should not go to Pakistan for Asia Cup cricket. It is said that Jai Shah also reiterated the same position in the PGC meeting. In this situation, the entire Asia Cup or only India’s matches are considered in some other country. The Asia Cup is also likely to be held in the UAE. When Najam Sethi threatened not to come to India for the ODI World Cup, Jai Shah replied that ICC and ACC should not mix things up. The location of the Asia Cup will be decided at the executive board meeting in March.
English Summary: Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad fumes at ICC, India over 2023 Asia Cup controversy: It doesn’t bother us

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