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Indie game developer Kiwiworks unveils new PC/console game ‘Witch’s Fountain R’

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Indie game developer Kiwi Works (CEO Jang Soo-young) announced on the 28th that it will release a new game project ‘Witch’s Fountain R’ in the first half of 2022.

‘Witch’s Fountain R’ released by Kiwiworks is the first remake of the popular series ‘Witch’s Fountain’, which has surpassed 1.8 million paid downloads worldwide. The ‘Witch’s Fountain’ series received a great response in Asia such as Korea and Japan.

‘Witch’s Fountain R’, which is scheduled to be released in PC and console versions, is being produced completely new beyond simple porting. Kiwiworks ported the mobile version ‘Witch’s Fountain 3’ to the Nintendo Switch last year and was selected as Nintendo’s official recommendation.

‘Witch’s Fountain R’ inherits the three elements of ‘nurture’, ‘collection’ and ‘adventure’ of the Witch’s Fountain series. It is being produced as a story-type upbringing RPG that tells the story of the protagonist’s survival in a hideout due to his status as a witch.

Kiwiworks recently started to raise salaries, work 35 hours a week, and introduce a refresh day system to recruit talent.

Kiwiworks CEO Jang Soo-young said, “We have already prepared a lot for this project as it will be introduced to the console market and PC game market to expand the Witch’s Fountain’s own intellectual property (IP). I hope you will,” he said.

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