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Indie Game Wild Butterfly Tumble Buck Achieve the target amount of 1000 topic

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Indie game developer Wonderpotion (CEO Seung-Hyun Yoo) is developing a 2D platformer action game’San Butterfly’ that has achieved 1000% of the target fundraising amount on Tumble Buck, a crowdfunding platform.

‘San Butterfly’ surpassed 50 million won in fundraising on April 18, and is recording 1056% of the target amount as of the 20th. This is the fifth most sponsored amount in the’video game’ part of Tumble Buck. ‘Sannabi’ started raising funds with a target amount of 5 million won on March 26, and is expected to achieve an additional record by the deadline of May 5.

‘Sannabi’ plans to add contents such as two short side story chapters, multi-endings, additional collection elements, and side stories, which were put forward as a pledge as it achieves the target amount. In addition, to commemorate the achievement of 1000% and express appreciation to the sponsors, we additionally produce and send stickers containing various artworks of’Sannabi’ to’Badge Edition or higher’ patrons, and additional goods to all patrons. It is a policy to provide.

‘Sannabi’ is a 2D action platformer game that advocates the Joseon cyberpunk’Chain Action’. It is characterized by dynamic movement and striking action using the protagonist’s chain arms, and revealing the secret hidden in the giant corporate city’Margot’ is also considered as a fun factor of the game.

Neowiz (co-representatives Moon Ji-soo and Kim Seung-cheol) will be in charge of publishing with the official release in the first quarter of 2022. In March, the demo version was released on the official Steam page, recording an explosive number of wishlists, and making it a name on the list of popular Steam releases.

Min-jae Paik, reporter of Hankyung.com Gametalk

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