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A new coronavirus, a mixture of Indian and British mutations, has been discovered, Vietnam’s health minister said on the 29th.

Secretary Nuen Tan Long said at a government meeting and explained that the new mutant virus is spreading rapidly through the air.

He also said the Vietnamese government will release the gene sequence of the mutant virus, which is more contagious than previously known.

Vietnam successfully quarantined the novel coronavirus last year, but from the end of April this year, the number of new infections has increased and is struggling. During this period, about 6,900 new infections have occurred, and 47 have died so far.

In the midst of this, the Vietnamese government announced on the 30th that the city of Hanoi will conduct social distancing for 15 days from the 31st.

Accordingly, meetings of 10 or more people are prohibited from the 31st.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies mutant coronaviruses into four categories that raise international concerns. These mutations have occurred in the UK, India, South Africa, and Brazil.

“We have not yet been able to analyze the mutant virus found in Vietnam,” said Maria van Kerkob, WHO technical director, to Reuters.

“We are working with Vietnam’s Ministry of Health and look forward to getting more information soon.”

WHO currently understands that the mutation from Vietnam is the B.1.617.2 mutation. Technical Director Kerkov explained that this was known as the Indian variant, and that it could have been further duplicated.

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