Indo-China border clashes after nine months of conflict You move | What is the new disengagement agreement in eastern Ladakh?

New Delhi: A nine-month-long conflict has erupted in New Delhi. Indo-Chinese military withdrawal along the border. It is located on the south and north coast of Pangong Lake in eastern Dhaka. He said the two countries had reached an agreement on the withdrawal of troops. Even after the change, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh called on Parliament. The churches were also informed.

The Pangong Lake area has been a hotbed of conflict between the two forces. From. People’s Liberation Army of China ‘Finger 8’ mountain peak It will be located east of the coast and only on the south coast. Indian Army station at Dhan Singh Thapa Stable near ‘Finger 3’ Will be determined.

Less border conflict at the end of the conflict due to interpersonal relationships The impression that has been reached is that: last April they All constructions created from scratch will be removed. Both countries are involved in traditional sports, including patrolling. Activities will also be suspended for the time being.

Discussions will resume only after. The military deployment in the front line is phased out, far behind. Will pull. Previous bilateral understandings will be maintained. The next meeting of the senior army chiefs was called within two days. The remaining issues will be resolved.

India has not given up on any of the talks with China. The Minister of Defense explained. Not a single piece of land was allowed to be taken over by others. I think China is convinced of India’s determination. Th. Restoring peace before May 5 last year The minister said this was the target of both the groups. Dedicated to the strength shown by the army in the face of adversity. The Minister of Defense also thanked the Finance Minister.

India and China have been at loggerheads since May 5 last year. Increased military presence at the border. A 16-hour ninth round of military talks lasted for 24 hours last month. The concept behind the land was formed.



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