Indonesia coach pointed out two reasons for losing the Thai national team failed to qualify for the SEA Games finals

On May 20, 65, the aftermath of the 2021 SEA Games men’s football match, semi-finals. On Thursday, when the “war elephants” of the Thai national team defeated “Inao” Indonesia in extra time 1-0, through to the finals to meet Vietnam national team on 22 May.

Most recently, Shin Tae Yong, the head coach of the Indonesian national team. Interviewed after the game that the lack of key players such as Asnawi Manggu Alam and the team’s inability to show the desired form causing them to be defeated for the Thai national team in the end

“First of all, I apologize for this defeat. In the future, we will play more efficiently so that the Indonesian fans will not be disappointed. We couldn’t use Asnawi Manggu’alam in this game because he had accumulated two yellow cards in the group stage. He is a very influential player for the team. His absence had a considerable impact on the spirit of the team. We lost because we couldn’t show the game we wanted. I myself was not disappointed with the performance of the player. And the Thai national team deserves to win.”

for the Indonesian national team will compete in the bronze medal match against the Malaysian national team on 22 May at 16.00

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