Indonesia earthquake: 12,000 more soldiers to be rescued – Search effort intensifies after earthquake hits Indonesia | Malayalam News, World News | Manorama Online

JAKARTA – The death toll from the earthquake that destroyed the town of Cianjur on the island of Java in Indonesia has reached 271. 40 people are missing. The injured are in 2043. Hospitals are full, so treatment is given in tents outside. 58,000 people who survived the earthquake are housed in tents and other shelters.

The magnitude 5.6 earthquake that struck last Monday has left most of the Cianjur area heavily damaged. An additional 12,000 troops were sent to speed up the rescue operation. Rescue operations are difficult as aftershocks, rain and landslides continue. There are many remote areas where rescuers cannot reach.

English Summary: Search effort intensifies in the earthquake hit Indonesia

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