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Indonesia has confirmed over 8,000 new crowns for two consecutive days, president inspects vaccination for three consecutive days

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 (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Indonesia has confirmed more than 8,000 new crowns for two consecutive days, the president inspects vaccination for three consecutive days

China News Agency, Jakarta, June 11 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) Indonesian officials announced on the afternoon of the 11th that there were 8,083 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia that day, and a total of 1,894,025 confirmed cases; 193 new deaths and a total of 52,566 deaths.

This is after 8892 cases in a single day yesterday, and over 8,000 cases were newly diagnosed in Indonesia for two consecutive days in more than three months. The rebound of the epidemic situation has been obvious since June.

On the same day, Indonesian President Joko went to the port of Tanjung Amas in Semarang, the capital of Central Java Province, to inspect the mass vaccination site including port workers, the disabled and residents of communities near the port. This is the third consecutive day that Joko has inspected the COVID-19 vaccination site. His hope of speeding up vaccination to control the epidemic is evident.

On the previous day, Joko went to Tanjung Bluok Port, Indonesia’s largest container port located in the north of Jakarta, and the largest station in Jakarta to inspect the vaccination sites for port workers and bus company employees. On the 9th, Joko went to Debo, West Java. The Indonesian University Hospital and Tangerang City, Banten Province respectively inspected the vaccination site.

Joko asked all parts of Indonesia to speed up the new crown vaccination, and strive to achieve an average daily vaccination dose of 700,000 doses this month and 1 million doses starting next month.

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On January 13 this year, Joko launched the national vaccination program in Indonesia as the “first person to vaccinate” the vaccine. However, nearly 5 months have passed, and the country’s vaccination schedule is not satisfactory. So far, only more than 11 million people have completed two doses of vaccination, and less than 20 million people have completed one dose of vaccination, which is far from the country’s plan to vaccinate nearly 182 million people with the new crown vaccine within 15 months.

At present, Indonesia has approved the emergency use of three new crown vaccines from China Kexing, AstraZeneca and China National Medicines. According to data released by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the country has received nearly 100 million doses of the new crown vaccine. (Finish)


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