Indonesian OnlyFans star arrested for producing clip showing breasts in the middle of the airport

Indonesia’s OnlyFans star makes a clip showing her breasts in the middle of the airport arrested by the police likely to be severely punished entitled to jail was fined in millions

website report The OnlyFans star is a young woman named siskaeee, where she scouts for sensational content. whether it is a shop mall until on public transport

She was arrested by the police on December 4th. in the train station in bandung city capital city of West Java Province before making a press conference the next day A police spokesman said Young women are guilty of digital media laws. and the laws governing pornography. which means If referred to as guilty. They could face jail terms of six months or up to 12 years, with a fine of up to 6 billion rupiah (about 14 million baht).

The reason the OnlyFans star was arrested was because she posted a clip showing off her shirt in the middle of Yogyakarta International Airport. of indonesia From her confession, she admitted that she filmed such dizzying content in various locations across Yogyakarta. It’s not just the airport. But most recently, his various accounts, whether Twitter, Instagram, and Onlyfans, have all been shut down.

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