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Indonesia’s epidemic continues to ease and extend “social activity restrictions” to prevent rebound | Indonesia | Epidemic | Bali_Sina Military_Sina.com

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Original title: Indonesia’s epidemic continues to ease and extend “social activity restrictions” to prevent rebound

  (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Indonesia’s epidemic situation continues to ease, extend “social activity restrictions” to prevent rebound

China News Agency, Jakarta, October 19 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) Indonesian officials announced on the afternoon of the 19th that there were 903 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the country in the past 24 hours, and a total of 4,236,287 confirmed cases; 50 new deaths and a total of 143,049 deaths .

The country has received fewer than 1,000 new confirmed cases and fewer than 100 new deaths for several consecutive days, and many provinces have had no new confirmed or dead cases for several consecutive days. The second wave of the epidemic that began to rebound in June this year is continuing to ease.

In order to prevent the epidemic from rebounding, the Indonesian government still decided to extend the “social activity restriction” prevention and control measures on Java and Bali for another two weeks to November 1, and for areas outside the two islands to extend for another three weeks to November 8.

The “Social Activity Restriction” measures that have been implemented since July 3 this year and have been extended more than ten times are regarded as effective measures to control the second wave of the epidemic, and are divided into four levels of restrictions according to the severity of the epidemic. At present, there is no “four-level restriction” area at the highest level in Indonesia.

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According to indicators such as the number of newly confirmed and dead cases and vaccination rates, all areas of Jakarta Metropolitan Area, Yogyakarta Special Region, and Bali were reduced from Level 3 restrictions to Level 2 restrictions on the same day, allowing children in shopping malls and shopping malls to be opened. The passenger capacity of amusement parks and cinemas can be increased to 70% and children are allowed to enter. Children under the age of 12 can enter tourist attractions when accompanied by their parents.

With the gradual relaxation of prevention and control measures and the gradual recovery of economic and social activities, Indonesian officials and epidemiologists have repeatedly reminded that we should pay attention to the rebound of the epidemic, especially that the Christmas and New Year holidays may trigger a third wave of epidemics.

In view of the experience of a sharp rebound in the confirmed cases after each holiday since the outbreak of the epidemic, Indonesian President Joko Widodo asked the relevant authorities to make a decision on the possibility that the new crown cases will once again increase after the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays to trigger a third wave of epidemics. Anticipate and take effective measures to respond quickly.

Ganipu, director of the Indonesian National Disaster Relief Agency and head of the epidemic prevention and control working group, said that he will prevent a potential third wave of epidemics by requiring people to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and health rules and speed up vaccination.

According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, as of that day, more than 109 million people in the country had received the new crown vaccine, of which more than 64 million had completed two doses and more than 1.07 million had received a third booster shot. (over)

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