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Indrajith and Purnima celebrate Nakshatra’s birthday; Pictures

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Indrajith and Purnima greet their daughter

Actor Indrajith and Purnima are very popular among the Malayalees. Both are very active on social media and share their stories and pictures of their children with their fans. Today is the birthday of Nakshatra, the second daughter of Indrajith and Purnima. Indrajith and Purnima are celebrating their daughter’s twelfth birthday during the lockdown.

“Happy Birthday to my beloved Nachu. My father loves you very much, ”says Indrajith, sharing a picture of Nakshatra kissing his head.

Purnima also shared pictures of her daughter wishing her a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday to my Big Little Girl Nachumma,” said Purnima.

Chechi prays that I greet the person I love the most in this world.

While father, mother and sister’s prayers are active in the world of cinema, the star is not far behind. The star played a minor role in the film Tian.

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