INFINITE Delights Taiwanese Fans with Unforgettable Concert Experience

INFINITE Leaves a Lasting Impression on Taiwanese Fans with an Unforgettable Concert Experience

INFINITE, the sensational South Korean boy band, continues to captivate fans around the world with their mesmerizing performances. Their love for Taiwan is no secret, as they have visited the country multiple times in the past. Recently, the group embarked on a solo tour, enthralling Taiwanese fans with their extraordinary talent.

INFINITE’s close relationship with Taiwan can be traced back to 2014 when they held the “InfinITE 1, 2, 3 Showcase” in Japan, Taiwan, and Seoul to celebrate the release of their album “SEASON 2.” Last year, as the pandemic gradually subsided and borders reopened, INFINITE members Lee Sung-jong, Nam Woo-hyun, L (Kim Myung-soo), and team leader Kim Sung-kyu returned to Taiwan for solo performances. Notably, Kim Sung-gyu made three visits to Taiwan within a span of 10 months, demonstrating his dedication to Taiwanese fans, which even made Korean fans green with envy.

The highlight of Saturday’s concert was when INFINITE surprised fans with their large self-made character posters. Each member held word cards adorned with unique animal patterns. Expressing their gratitude to the fans, they took turns speaking in Chinese, assuring their unwavering commitment to return and bring joy. Nam Woo-hyun playfully shared that the members had stayed up all night brainstorming words to write on the cards, jokingly adding, “Thinking about it made my eyes black!” This light-hearted banter between the members and fans created an electric atmosphere.

One of the standout moments was when Nam Woo-hyun humorously engaged in an “upper body love” interaction with fans, playfully responding to their questions and statements. The group also delighted the audience by singing Chinese versions of their hit songs, such as “Be Mine” and “Nothing’s Over.” Even L, who is known for his reserved nature, couldn’t resist joining in and delivering a few lines. The fans erupted into cheers, thrilled by the unexpected surprises.

The concert lasted nearly three hours, meticulously planned by L himself. As the show reached its end, Woohyun and Sungkyu made an “X” gesture to express their desire for the concert to continue, much to L’s dismay. He exclaimed, “I don’t want it to end either! The teleprompter keeps reminding me to wrap up, but I don’t want to.” L emotionally shared that despite having been to Taiwan for various events, there was something special about this trip. The deep bond he shares with his fellow members and the overwhelming love from the fans made this experience truly unforgettable.

Both Zhang Dongyu and Li Chengyeol expressed their excitement at reconnecting with fans after a lengthy hiatus. Li Chengyeol was moved by the unwavering support and considered the reunion a dream come true. Zhang Dongyu, who showcased his Chinese language skills throughout the night, emphasized that the meeting was a combination of three essential elements – INFINITE, INSPIRIT (the name of INFINITE’s fan club), and food. He playfully shared his satisfaction with the sumptuous meals he had enjoyed during his stay in Taiwan.

Looking ahead, INFINITE expressed their desire to meet their Taiwanese fans on an even grander scale. Kim Sung Kyu expressed uncertainty about future visits but assured fans that they would always strive to deliver better performances. As the concert drew to a close, the members exchanged meaningful gestures with the thousands of fans present, solidifying their unwavering bond.

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INFINITE, no stranger to Taiwan, not only included Taiwan in the two world tour concerts, but when the album “SEASON 2” was released in 2014, INFINITE held the “InfinITE 1, 2, 3 Showcase” in Japan , Taiwan and Seoul within three days “Activities; and last year the epidemic gradually opened the border, INFINITE members Lee Sung-jong, Nam Woo-hyun, L (Kim Myung-soo) and team leader Kim Sung-kyu came all to Taiwan to catch solo performances, especially Kim Sung-gyu visited Taiwan three times in 10 months, and will also “Back Support” was the first to be given to Taiwanese fans, and even Korean fans who almost jealous.

INFINITE suddenly pulled out large self-made character posters at the concert on Saturday. Each person’s word cards have matching animal patterns. The members followed the fans one by one and said in Chinese, “No matter how many times, I will come back again. I will not be tired and I will always be happy.” Love you”, Nam Woo-hyun said that the members stayed up all night discussing what words to write to the fans, “Thinking about it makes my eyes black!” Let the fans say “Hey~”, and the members on the side also booed, Nam Woo-hyun Pretending to be angry and walking backstage, the members said, “Go, go!” Nam Woohyun made a beautiful turn, walked back to the team and said, “There is nowhere to go.” L sincerely said that he always receives There is support from the fans, I wanted to bring thanks to the fans, and scratched my shy head after speaking, making the fans scream again.

INFINTE and the fans will meet again on a bigger occasion next time. (Provided by D-SHOW)

After the fans presented the second sign in support of “Am I yours now?” Nam Woo-hyun suddenly “upper body love” and fans ask and answer, “Ask me? Yes, come on!”, “You Can you steal a man like me?”, “Wow, I want to live here .” Then he even sang words into Chinese as “Be My Person”, while Cheng Lie also sings The chorus “When a man falls in love” and “Nothing’s Over” “You can’t see other men”, a series of Chinese words not only made the fans happy, but even L tried to sing a line or two when gave his testimonials.

INFINITE will present their new song “New Emotion” live to fans in Taiwan. (provided by readers)

The total duration of the INFINITE concert was close to 3 hours, when L was responsible for planning the flow of the show. When it came to the end and started going through the flow again, Woohyun and Sungkyu “X” made a gesture to express that they didn’t want to end too soon, which L couldn’t help but complain, “I don’t want to neither. The teleprompter keeps reminding me to go down. I don’t want to.” L said emotionally that even though he had been to Taiwan for events, he still felt the best with the members, This trip not only eats delicious food, meets fans, but also had a very pleasant time, which made him look forward to the next meeting.

L followed the process of reading the manuscripts and got an “X” gesture from Woohyun and Sanguibi, he helplessly said that he didn’t want to do this either. (Provided by readers) INFINITE ended the first concert successfully. (provided by readers)

Zhang Dongyu and Li Chengyeol came to Taiwan to meet fans for the first time since 2018. Li Chengyeol emotionally expressed that after a long empty period, he is still so enthusiastic to see everyone again. He was very grateful and felt like a dream. He said he felt as if the concert had just started and it was ending. He joked, “Starting right now!” and dance to the opening song, stealing and digging”, the members on the side were also jumping up funny, and Cheng Lie said bluntly: “It used to be possible to play like this, but now I’m panicked.” Zhang Dongyu, who was crazy about Chinese all night, said that he is very interested in singing There are only three elements in the meeting: INFINITE, INSPIRIT and food; he pays attention to daily details, and he eats and sleeps well every time he comes back to Taiwan. He is very satisfied. He said: “I have eaten 4 meals today, breakfast, lunch, and one in the afternoon Meal, and INSPIRIT……, I ate everyone’s love.” He made an appointment with his supporters to meet in a bigger venue next time. Kim Sung Kyu also said that after this time, he doesn’t know when he can come again, “We will definitely prepare a better performance for everyone.” After speaking, he made a handsome gesture of agreement, and made an agreement with the 3,000 fans in the audience.

Update time|2023.09.03 07:45

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