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Light has seven colors, the heavens have seven lights, music has seven sounds, and people have seven emotions.

God used seven days to create everything in the world, and we use tangrams to create a new season gesture.

Unlimited opening of “Seven”, welcome to the game “Qiao Qiao”.

Opening photo of the SHIATZY CHEN 2023 spring and summer Paris fashion show

At 6 pm Beijing time on October 3, 2022, SHIATZY CHEN released the Paris 2023 spring and summer fashion show in an online format. In the new season series, Ms. Wang Chen Caixia, the design director, took inspiration from the tangram puzzle game called “Oriental Magic Board” with the theme “Qiao Qiao”, which means beauty and sophistication, and creative countless extended flash “dots” into the Index of the “line” of thoughts, and then build the “face” to express emotions in multiple dimensions, and then integrate Chinese and Western styles, classic and modern clothing technology, interpret styles ever-changing styling, and conveying the fashion of “start with seven, shine in infinity” wit.

Play on the Deconstruction of Oriental Geometry

Opening photo of the SHIATZY CHEN 2023 spring and summer Paris fashion show

The ingenuity of the tangram lies in recombining and splitting finite triangles, squares and trapezoids to build endless geometric forms – this is the eastern wisdom “the beginning of all things, the simplicity of the path, and the origin of complexity”, which is also the essence of Shiatzy Chen Inspirational starting point SHIATZY CHEN for this season.

In the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, walking fashion is transformed into a flowing geometric universe, and the basic elements of the tangram are reinterpreted: triangles are transformed into sharp halter straps, a sharp V-neck and pointed collars, waist Occasionally, the shoulders are transformed. partially cut out like blank spaces in traditional Chinese paintings; the squares are transformed into miniskirt suits and hollow designs on various coats, as well as stand-up collars and wide swings that highlight oriental characteristics; Lead the three-dimensional layers of the “seven” piece dresses, and build a shoulder line full of feminine power after inversion. What is even more exciting is that the designer combines the deconstructive aesthetics of the “Oriental Magic Board” with the letter silhouette of the Western fashion industry. The simple A-line of the 1960s has more visual tension due to the addition of geometric elements, and the elegant and retro H-Line conveys the free and easy attitude of modern women under the infection of dynamic lines.

Opening photo of the SHIATZY CHEN 2023 spring and summer Paris fashion show

In terms of color, the designer has ingeniously chosen “seven” representative colors for the overall mood, ranging from bright tangerine orange and calendula yellow to light the dawn of inspiration for the whole series, to the blue Ji colorful and warm and cinnabar red. The print symbolizes the vitality and joy of spring and summer, followed by the silky emerald green in the classic black and moon white, reflecting the robust energy of creativity. At the same time, this season’s open print fabric redefines geometric figures with bright and bold strokes of pop art, and incorporates silhouettes of birds of paradise and orchids with oriental imagery. The vivid totem print fills the apparent tailoring lines acting Sensual Breath.

SHIATZY CHEN 2023 Spring/Summer Women’s Collection

SHIATZY CHEN, who is known for her exquisite craftsmanship, has the most representative embroidery craftsmanship in this season Outline the empty aesthetics of geometric figures, and then intertwine with techniques such as draw embroidery and seed embroidery, so that the flower totem is embroidery is presented beautifully and whimsically, which contrasts with the luxurious texture and luster of the fabric, and builds a more delicate and subtle three-dimensional beauty.

SHIATZY CHEN 2023 Spring/Summer Men’s Collection

Based on the fashion stance of “gender neutrality”, SHIATZY CHEN is still combining men’s and women’s fashion shows this season. 2023 Spring/Summer Menswear continues to carry forward the brand’s classic Chinese tailoring and Western deconstruction concepts. The three-dimensional pockets of the geometric panels and the interesting geometric vanadium are the core designs, simulating the three-dimensional analysis of “point → line → surface”, decorating the loose silhouette. Shaped jackets, offset 3D tangram-stitch printed tops, and formal jackets with special lapel collars that can be changed at any time between Chinese stand-up collars and Western-style men’s flat neck collars – the resulting fashion of the “Oriental Magic Board” is truly magical, realizing two-dimensional and three-dimensional, Chinese and Western, A modern and classic obstacle-traversal game without obstacle.

Unique craftsmanship accessories

Accessories are the individual annotations of spring and summer styles. SHIATZY CHEN 2023 spring and summer accessories inherit the geometric theme of fashion. Bracelets, earrings and belts all redefine the brand’s logo with neat lines, and necklaces are made from seven pieces of tangram. The panels are disassembled and assembled, presenting a design style that is whimsical, unique and full of street fun. This season’s footwear includes Roma boots and Mary Jane flats, with detachable details embodying the 60s spirit of personalization and “anything is possible”. As for the special features of this season’s bags, it is reflected in the application of Chinese-style triangular window meshes to leather. Triangular hollow cutting and geometric embossing skillfully integrate Chinese and Western cultures. The three-dimensional chain bag has been transformed of being Chinese- purse style is refreshing and reinterpreted as a larger Trend to modern texture and aesthetics. Bags used to match men’s clothing, mainly the messenger bag and the tote bag that can be changed freely to carry, take into account the function and beauty, and give the initiative of the design to’ r the wearer This is the ultimate fashion pleasure.


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