Inflation concerns: KOSPI and KOSDAQ both decline

Samsung Securities.

The Korean stock market closed Thursday at a blue light again on the impact of the US stock market, which fell sharply again last night on fears of inflation.

In both the KOSPI and KOSDAQ markets, as foreigners and institutional listings left, the KOSPI index closed trading at 2600 again. recorded.

Today, the KOSPI closed at 2592.34 points, down 33.64 points from yesterday, and the KOSDAQ closed at 863.8 points, down 7.77 points.

Looking at the trading trends by investment entity, in the KOSPI market, foreigners and institutions were once again selling and selling together in 5 trading days.

Looking at the top stocks by market capitalization, most of the stocks closed down, but LG Electronics broke a new 52-week low and recorded a decline of 5%.

Also, as Kakao Bank fell for two days in a row, the public offering price showed a decline of close to 2%.

Meanwhile, LNF, which has recently continued to buy by foreigners, continued its upward trend for five consecutive trading days on the news of a 7 trillion won supply contract for cathode materials with LG Energy Solutions.

By industry, in the KOSPI market, the non-metallic mineral industry alone showed strength, and all other industries ended trading with declines.

Among them, the textile and apparel industry fell the most with a decline of around 4%.

The won-dollar exchange rate today rose 11.1 won to 1277.7 won.

Until now, it was Samsung Securities.

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