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Information leak of VR headset “HTC Vive Air” which is perfect for sweat measures during exercise! | Nico Nico News

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Image: HTC/World Design Guide

Fitness using VR in the times!

… But it seems that there are still some issues. It ’s not technical, either.SweatProblem of. It’s true that it’s a bit of a hassle to clean your device after exercising and sweating a lot, or it’s unpleasant to suddenly sweat in your eyes while you’re absorbed in exercising. I will do it. That point,”HTC Vive AirSeems to have a remarkable solution.

Headset for sweat during exercise

Headset specializing in fitness games “HTC Vive AirIs “optimized for high strength over extended use,” the World Design Guide (via Engadget) reports.

According to it, the headset body has an “innovative lightweight” structure,Clear and quick-dryingUses a knit material with a certain.In addition, “soft components” are added by the quick release mechanism.Remove and washIt seems that it can be done. It seems natural already, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

For example, “Oculus Quest 2Is ideal for fitness in the sense that it is cordless and lightweight, but on the other hand it has a porous foam pad.Easy to sweatThere is also a drawback. Therefore, in order to continue using it comfortably, it is necessary to prepare a barrier mask for sports or wipe it frequently with an antibacterial wipe and let it air dry.

Especially when playing a game that doesn’t sweat, the smell of sweat remains on the VR headset … You want to avoid the situation. Adding highly breathable material and making it washable seems to be an essential element for future VR headset products.

Image: HTC/World Design Guide

Public relations: “Concept”

Even though it has “Air” in its name, it’s not clear at this point how light it really is. However, more dynamic movements while wearing (perhaps pop squats, mountain climbers, etc.?) May also be easier to do.

An HTC spokeswoman told Engadget that it was a “concept”, and that the elements and inspiration from this design are likely to be reflected in other HTC products. .. So for the time being, you might have to wait for a VR headset that doesn’t look weird, is lightweight, and has sweat protection during your workout.


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