“Ing Fah” regrets wanting to cry, unable to attend “Jackson Wang”, breaking up those ridiculous dramas

after “Ing Fah Waraha” second place 1st Miss Grand International 2022 Posted that IG story “He will work with JACKSON Wang. Oh, it’s all gone. The merit points have accumulated.” until many people wait to get used to it “Nawat Isarakraisil” he came out and said “Received the job The job has been saved. It’s a special party There is one associated sponsor, Ing Fah, who is the presenter who linked to the event, who is the owner of that product. And is the owner of the Panacee clinic too, but when it’s time to actually work and saw the job update keep coming up Back to related brands Not that product at all we are very loyal”

“Later, we asked about activities that Ing Fah would do, he said. going to inform the adults makes us try to look back 1. Random 2. Too close 3. We don’t know what will happen if we want to tie the product or go up to do something with Jackson like other stars are blamed. If you do something and some people are not satisfied, we will plug. it was cancelled.

“I’m very sorry. Some fans are waiting to meet Ing Fah. who is on the male side, his fans are jealous of his artists if like this Ask for permission to cancel this job. Permission to use it in the next work directly related to the brand And preparations for work, clearly state that they will do all the work. after that conversation The way he understood the reason. Ingfa understood. And we still work as a presenter as usual. However, some fans who buy this product to wait to see Ing Fah would like to say that they will be happy to see her whenever they meet. If we meet at another event, we can say that from work that day.”

latest “Ing Fah” open about this issue “I admit I’m sorry too. Nothing works “Jackson Wang” but that’s ok. There may be another opportunity. The main reason is that the presenter may not fit the context of the work. When cancelling, I secretly wanted to cry and regret it. We go back to collect new merit points. As for the drama that came out before, the post was happy. Say they have a right to post. Seen as a nonsensical drama, no less, because people’s minds cannot be stopped. What did Shin do that caused drama? I have come every day without a break. I would like to let it pass without value. But if any of them are too late for the family or very serious There is a way to deal with it in legal form.”

"Ing Fah" I'm sorry, I want to cry, I miss work "jackson hope" Slap those ridiculous plays.

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