“Ingfah Waraha” won “Miss Grand 2022”, the hottest! The beauty queen scolded “the Prime Minister and the government” for being stupid, bad, and dismissed from office.


Great as it really marks the 10th anniversary of the contest stage. “Miss Grand Thailand 2022 : 10th Year Anniversary” with the night that everyone has been waiting for to welcome “Miss Grand Thailand” The 10th person of Thailand in the Final Compettion held at ShowDC Hall Rama 9 with a huge prize worth 10 million baht on stage. “Matthew Dean” as host

The atmosphere is bustling from the evening. The fans of the beauty queens flocked to cheer with a loud scream in the hall. before opening the stage with VTR “Nawat Israkraisil” President of the Miss Grand Thailand pageant with the route of the world beauty pageant for the past 10 years, followed by Miss Grand Thailand 2013-2021

Then it’s the Opening Show of “Nam Patcharaporn Chantapradit” Miss Grand Thailand 2022 and “Indy Indy Johnson” Miss Grand Thailand 2021, which leads the team of contestants Miss Grand Thailand in all 77 provinces, dancing to show the strength and potential of a new generation of women. It is a show that makes the finals more exciting.

First prize, Best National Costume or the best national costume Which has received up to 19 sets of awards, of which 5 winners will receive an honor trophy. And the prize money is 100,000 baht, all 14 positions are awarded 30,000 baht by the winners of Best National Costume 2022, including Miss Grand Rayong, Miss Grand Lopburi, Miss Grand Surin, Miss Grand Phetchabun and Miss Grand Chachoengsao

more and more When the results were announced, the last 20 people were sorted in each region, 5 people in each region, North, Northeast, Central and South, then the stage was set on fire. When the beauties walked out to show off again in a pink-purple one-piece swimsuit from MGI Swimwear, the Sour Candy collection, showing off their proportions and choppy steps. Then the MC announced the Best in Swimsuit award, including Miss Grand Chiang Mai.

It’s time to squeeze your heart. The MC announced the results of the 10 finalists, 2 people in each region, a total of 8 people, namely: Miss Grand Chiang Rai, Miss Grand Chiang Mai, Miss Grand Khon Kaen, Miss Grand Kalasin, Miss Grand Ang Thong, Miss Grand Bangkok, Miss Grand Phuket and Miss Grand Chumphon Another province is from Miss Popular Vote, namely Miss Grand Nonthaburi, and another province is from Boss Choice selected by Nawat Isarakraisil, including Miss Grand Phrae.

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The last 10 beauties came out to show off their beauty again in evening dresses. All beautiful queens Before entering the round of answering questions that show an attitude and wit to be one of the forces that help drive society, politics and the economy. “The origins of senators or senators who are appointed by both the NCPO and from a few qualified persons who recruited 250 senators, and these people have the right to choose the prime minister Until we got the current Prime Minister, what is your opinion in this regard? And how to solve this problem?”

All 10 people answered this question as if they had made an appointment, scolding the Prime Minister. “Prayut Chan-ocha” and the government sucks, idiots, and is ready to fire

The travel contest entered a critical phase. That is, to bid farewell to the prestigious position of “Nam Patcharaphon Chantharapradit” Miss Grand Thailand 2020 and the team Miss Grand Thailand 2020 and pass the crown to the new Miss Grand Thailand tonight.

The beauty queen’s girlfriend has a heart attack. When it comes to the crucial moment that everyone has been waiting for. The MC announces the results of the final 5 finalists, sorted by region, 1 person per region, which must be admitted that it is the most troubling for the committee. But in the end, you have to decide The finalists are Miss Grand Phrae, Miss Grand Kalasin, Miss Grand Ang Thong, Miss Grand Phuket for the 5th person from the Boss Choice chosen by Nawat Isarakraisil, who The recipients of this award are: Miss Grand Bangkok

enter the quiz round It is known that the Miss Grand Thailand stage question is the most rocky. The question is that “The index ranked by Transparency international 2021 Thailand falls to 110th, the lowest in the past 10 years, starting with the care of the revolutionary government. promised the revolution because he wanted to suppress corruption But the result was so much corruption that it was ranked as the lowest in history. What would everyone want to say to this government? and how to propose a solution to corruption problems?”

The five beauties took a deep breath and answered questions starting from Miss Grand Phrae
“I want to tell this government that if you can’t develop the country to have a lot of corruption You’d better go back to the Ministry of Defense. to take care of the southern country not destroying our country The curtain recommends that you go back. If you can’t do it for 8 years, you better not come at all. Thank you.”

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Miss Grand Kalasin
“Eight years ago it was enough to make me feel like this government sucks. First of all, the government said that it would help to prevent corruption. I’m sorry, aren’t you right now? Above all, to be a good leader We don’t need to tell people what we do. The only way to fix this is to change the government. change the new constitution”

Miss Grand Angthong
“I want to tell this government that I’m embarrassed, but I’m very embarrassed to be born in Thailand that is known as a democratic country. to have an inferior government and incompetent like this The only way to solve this problem is to change the government. and change the constitution All Thai people have the right to choose their own leader. We should have the right to choose the leaders of the Thai people themselves. We should have the right to vote creatively and transparently. In the past elections, we all saw that it was an election that he chose himself. But we just create the picture that we choose it. So let me tell you that new election change the cabinet including changing the constitution This constitution was created to support the government itself. So I don’t accept it.”

Miss Grand Phuket
“I believe that everyone here knows what corruption this government is about. There are many things that we know in our hearts that he is corrupt. But he looked like we were fools. The solution is to cancel the tiptoe card. The fact that we have a tiptoe card is that we do not use our own voice rights. If canceling the tiptoe card create a new constitution that belongs to the people We will be able to vote for our own right to vote.”

Miss Grand Bangkok
“First of all, Thai people must not close their eyes. Because the Prime Minister or Prayut Chan-o-cha has deceived people for 8 years, it’s very difficult to solve corruption. We must admit that in government agencies today there is corruption and allows corruption. The solution is that Thai law is too weak. I want Thai people to rise up and demand democracy. This new election urges everyone not to sell their votes. not for yourself but for our children in the future.”

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Until all 5 people, among the cheers of the beauty queens If everyone was equally beautiful It has to be measured in the brain to find the person who fits the highest position of this stage.

causing the supporters to sit next to each other Encourage each other to breathe through the stomach. Because it is the most exciting second of the night, “Matthew Dean” announced the winner of the 4th runner-up, Miss Grand Thailand 2022, including Miss Grand Phrae. Then it is the 3rd runner-up award, Miss Grand Thailand 2022, including Miss Grand Ang Thong. followed by the second runner-up award, Miss Grand Thailand 2022, including Miss Grand Kalasin.

Until the moment that beauty queen fans across the country are almost breathless. When the MC announces the second who has received the position Miss Grand Thailand 2022 : 10th Year Aniversary including Miss Grand Bangkok “Ingfa Waraha” 27 years old, beautiful, complete all 3B, that is Beauty Body and Brain, receive a gold crown worth 1,200,000 baht, cash 1,000,000 baht, condominiums and many other prizes

As for the first runner-up position goes to Miss Grand Phuket.

For Miss Grand Thailand 2022, will represent Thailand at the Miss Grand International 2022 : 10th Anniversary pageant in Indonesia. in this October

There are other awards as follows: Miss Grand Khon Kaen is Miss Grand Angthong. Received a prize money of 50,000 baht, as for the prize of Miss Grand Mo Lam, Rising Star, the new heroine of Mo Lam, the band Raksa Thasil, which showed that the three finalists were Miss Grand Bangkok, Miss Grand Prachinburi and Miss Grand Sisaket Received the position together, all 3 people received a prize of 50,000 baht each.

Best Designer Award 2022, including Miss Grand Nakhon Sawan’s dress Receive a prize of 100,000 baht in the best introduction award, including Miss Grand Uthai Thani, receiving a prize of 50,000 baht, another award is the favorite of the media photographer, including Miss Grand Bangkok, a prize of 50,000 baht.


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