Ini Utharam Movie Review aparna balamurali and kalabhavan shajon acted very well ini utharam first review | Ini Utharam Movie Review: A powerful emotional thriller; Aparna and Shajon break up; “Answer Now” Super

Aparna Balamurali’s film “Ini Awadab” which hit the screens today can be described as a powerful emotional thriller. The film has managed to attract audiences in the theatres. A strong screen with a good core and direction is now the backbone of the solution. It is also possible to see the joy of having experienced a good film on the faces of the audience watching the film from the theatre.

Director Sudheesh Ramachandran has made his debut with this film. The answer is that he will be able to amaze the audience with even better films. It can be said that the film manages to thrill the audience every minute, even the title of the film is shown in the first half. The audience that watches the film from the theater gets the feeling of having watched the film two hours-five minutes in an hour.

Harish Uttam and Kalabhavan Shajon give great performances in police roles. This film is very different from the police roles played by both of them so far. As producer Varun said, “Ini Answer” is an emotional film with a punch. It can be said that they have kept their promise of giving a good film. Everyone will say in one voice that the writers of this film, Ranjith and Unni, who are newcomers, are talented. It can be said for sure that they will be up there with the best compositions in Malayalam. In any case, “Answer Now” is proof that audiences will embrace films with heart.

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After the preview show of the movie, everyone including the stars said that the movie is good. Namitha Pramod ran and hugged Aparna Balamurali after watching the preview show. “The film is a lot of fun and the first half is a bit confusing but in the second half the film gives the right answer. That is the answer”. Those were the words of Deepak Parampol. Namitha Pramod said that the film is engaging in a big way and Aparna and Shajon have given their performances in an amazing manner. Actor Anu Mohan also said that Sudheeshetan’s directorial venture is brilliant and the film does full justice to the emotional thriller genre.

Aparna Balamurali, Harish Uttaman, Chanthunath, Siddharth Menon, Siddique, Jafar Idukki, Shaju Sridhar, Jayan Cherthala, Bineesh P, Bhagyaraj and others are the main actors of the film. The film is produced by brothers Varun and Arun under the banner of A&V Entertainment. Cinematography is handled by Ravichandran. Music composed by Hisham Abdul Wahab, who composed the music for Hridayat with lyrics written by Vinayak Sasikumar. The film is produced by Varun and Arun under the banner of A&V Entertainment. Project & Marketing Designer-H20 Spelling, Editing Jithin DK, Production Manager Rinny Diwakar, Rinosh Kaimal, Art Direction Arun Mohanan, Makeup Jitesh Poiya, Costume Design Dhanya Balakrishnan, Stills Jeffin Bejoy, Ad Art Jose Domenic, Digital PRO: Vysakh C. Ty North. Associate Chief Director Deepak Narayan.

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