“Initial D” sequel “MF GHOST” officially announced its upcoming animation | HYPEBEAST

The racing work “MF GHOST”, which was serialized by Shuichi Shigeno in 2017, must be familiar to everyone. It is the well-known classic anime “Initial D” (Initial D). And this work continues “Initial D

》Story line, describing that in the 2020s that have passed for many years, diesel locomotives have been completely discontinued, electric vehicles have replaced the new car market and autonomous driving technology is quite popular. The road race “MFG” founded by Takahashi Ryosuke is based on internal combustion engine models. For the competition, the venue also covers urban areas, mountain roads and highways.

The protagonist Katagiri Katagiri graduated from the Royal Donington Racing Academy in the United Kingdom. During his time at school, he was instructed by Fujiwara Takumi. The car he currently drives is the Toyota 86, the symbolic successor to the AE86. “MF GHOST” animation is expected to be officially released in 2023, and the first trailer has already been exposed. Interested readers may wish to pay more attention.


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