Inje Speedium, ‘KARA Karting Korea Championship’ launched in June

The ‘KARA Karting Korea Championship’, the top-level karting league in Korea’s karting competitions, will be newly launched at Inje Speedium on June 11th.

Inje Speedium Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Seung-woo) and the Korea Automobile Racing Association (Kang Shin-ho, hereinafter referred to as KARA) established the ‘KARA Karting Korea Championship (KKC )’, and from June to November, all five rounds will be held at the Inje Speedium Kart Center in Gangwon-do and the KIC Kart Center in Jeollanam-do under the supervision of Inje Speedium.

ⓒInje Speedium

Karting is a game that has a simple vehicle structure and can be easily adapted even to beginners.

It is the starting point of the most common motorsport athlete, as most of the famous F1 players in Korea started their careers with karts at a young age.

‘Championship’ is the name right owned by the motor sports governing body and is used in the highest level league among the same events.

‘KKC’, which is newly launched this year, is the first nationwide kart championship to be revived since 2019 and is the highest level among domestic kart competitions, and the winner is given the honor of being the kart champion of the year.

In addition, this season’s champion of the senior class, the top class of the competition, is entitled to represent Korea in the cart category of the ‘2024 FIA Motorsport Games’.

Hosted by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) every two years, this competition is an Olympic-style national competition in which representative athletes selected by each country’s motorsports governing body, corresponding to Korea’s KARA, gather to compete to win a medal.

Starting with the opening game on June 11, ‘KKC’ will be held in 5 rounds, 4 rounds will be held at the Inje Speedium Kart Center and 1 round at the KIC Kart Center.

The season champion is determined by adding up the points earned by each player according to their performance in each round.

This competition, which can be played from the age of 7, consists of a total of 9 classes divided by the player’s age and license level.

Vehicles participating in the competition can only use engines of 150cc or less in all classes.

For the newly opened ‘KKC’, Inje Speedium plans to extensively expand and improve the existing leisure kart rink and develop it into a kart stadium that can hold competitions.

In addition, KARA and ‘KARA Kart Academy’ will be operated from the second half of the year to foster karting players.

Through the academy program, famous overseas karting teams and coaches are invited to Korea to help domestic players acquire the skills to compete on the international stage, and a lesson program for players is also being prepared.

Details will be announced on the KKC website from June.

CEO Lee Seung-woo said on the 26th, “I am delighted to be able to cooperate with KARA for the development of grassroots motorsports at a time when karting players are experiencing increasing difficulties in using the facilities.” We will do our best to find areas that only Inje Speedium can do so that people can feel the charm of this motor sport.”

Meanwhile, in addition to the Kart Championship, Inje Speedium will co-host the ‘KARA Autocross Challenge’ with KARA starting this year to develop grassroots motorsports and expand participation in motorsports by the general public.

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