‘Innotech Asset Management’ launches triggering fund continuously with 5% target in 5 months, first offering 26 – 29 Jan.

‘BBL.Innotech ” Issues trigger teeth continuously. target 5% in 5 month Initial Offering 26 – 29 m.C. this

Asset Management.Innotech Offering open-end funds Innotech Trigger fund EP 3 (Innotech Trigger Fund Episode 3) or I-TEP3 Is a mixed fund Without determining the share investment ratio (Can invest in stocks 0 – 100%) There is an investment policy, focusing on investing in Thai stocks listed in SET / mai With good fundamentals Use a proactive investment strategy (active fund management) Both carefully selecting stocks (stock selection) And the timing of investment (market timing) In order for the fund to achieve the target performance Ready to sell 26 – 29 m.C. this Believe it is another investment option and an opportunity to generate returns

Mr. Surachet Sriwattanakulwong Chief Executive Officer Asset Management.Innotech Ltd. Revealed that After the Innotech Fund Trigger fund EP 2 (I-TEP2) Able to achieve returns according to the target 5% In just 26 Business daysContinued from Innotech Fund Trigger fund EP 1 (I-TEP1) Which results in returns according to the target 5% In just 10 Working days only Together with the present The Thai stock market is in a period of rest on the index. 1,450 – 1,520 point While the overall picture of investing in Thai stocks remains bright. Both the global economic recovery and the Thai economy this year and next year Increased vaccine distribution The liquidity in the financial markets is still high. And the relaxed fiscal policy of the United States Make Asset Management.Innotech It is viewed that such correction is a good opportunity to accumulate Thai stocks.By issuing and offering Innotech Fund Trigger fund EP 3 (I-TEP3) Such

This Asset Management.Innotech Also waived the charge of the entrance fee (Front-ended fee) To customers who subscribe for funds during the initial offering. (IPO) with Innotech Fund Trigger fund EP 3 Initial Offering or IPO During 26 – 29 January 2564 Minimum investment is only 100 baht The interested person can contact at 02 – 624 – 6333 Or at the website www.innotechasset.com Or atFacebook: Innotechasset Or at LINE: @Innotechasset

however Return on investment goals 5% in 5 This month It is not a guarantee that investors will receive returns in the specified period. number 5% Such was the only goal that caused the dissolution of the fund. Investors cannot redeem their investment units during 5 Month Therefore, if there is an event that affects investment Investors may suffer losses and lose large amounts of investment. Investment contains risks. Investors need to understand product characteristics. Return conditions And the risk Before investing

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