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“Innovative change” inherited from iPhone to new MacBook Pro | AppBank

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» Apple’s unleashed beast, the notable “three major changes” of the new MacBook Pro

New model expected to be released on October 19thMacBook ProHowever, new features are being suggested as it is about to be announced.

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New MacBook Pro “Definitely equipped with mini LED” New features inherited from iPhone

Ross Youngs, who is familiar with the display industry, has declared that the adoption of mini LEDs is “100% confirmed.”

The panel suppliers are LG Display and Sharp, which are the same for iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. (Omitted) MiniLED is 100% confirmed.

This was previously suggested by prominent analyst Minchey Kuo (via MacRumors), but Ross has confirmed the adoption.

He also suggested on Twitter that the new MacBook Pro “supports 120Hz.”

Once this is implemented, Apple will probably advertise it under the name “Pro Motion.” This is a feature that is also used on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro, which enables a smooth display experience on the new MacBook Pro.

A processor with high graphics performance is also indispensable for achieving a stable 120Hz refresh rate. This should be resolved with the evolution of Apple’s new processor M1X.

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