Inoh goes to join the giant “Good story” Yakult, DeNA negotiations –Professional baseball: Nikkan Sports

DeNA Shoichi Inoh (34), who exercised domestic free agent (FA) rights, took a seat in negotiations with Yakult and the giant on the 6th when the ban on negotiations was lifted. After negotiations with three teams including DeNA, which admits that the declaration remains, the Giants became the most influential. An orthodox right-hand man who has accumulated 50 professional wins as an “alien of Hama”. Challenge the new world as an “advanced alien”.

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Inoh faced the first negotiations with the two teams in the scramble that took place on the day when the ban on FA negotiations was lifted. I moved to Tokyo from the DeNA fan festival and met the leaders of the team in the order of Yakult and Giants in suits. “I want to make a decision as soon as possible. We had a good talk with each other,” he returned home with few words.

My childhood feelings revived. When I was in elementary school, I watched professional baseball live at Tokyo Dome for the first time. I was taken by my father and made my eyes shine on the stand. For some time, he said, “I think it’s my starting point. It’s very impressive. It’s a starting place that professional baseball players longed for.” The Tokyo Dome is a special place for Inoh boys from Koto Ward, Tokyo. It was input into the brain.

The good news of fate brightly illuminated the path I should take at the crossroads. After 5 o’clock in the early morning of the 6th, Mrs. Masami gave birth to her third son at a hospital in Tokyo. The dream and longing of those days have come back to life. In high school, he participated in Koshien in his second year and supported him from the stand. I finally won the ace in my final year of college. Entered a professional at the age of 27 from NTT East. He has accumulated 50 winning stars as an old rookie.

After the residual negotiations with DeNA, he decided to exercise the FA right that he had steadily grasped. “Next year, I’m 35 years old. There is a part that I can’t help having it. If other teams can talk to me, I’d like to talk with that team firmly,” he said. He kept his intention to take a seat in the negotiations by himself. Put your hand on your chest and follow the path of being honest with yourself.

Inoh, who seems to be C rank without compensation, does not attach importance to conditions and treatment. The most powerful is the giant. “Advance alien” makes a big decision.

○… The giant immediately attacked Inoh, who was declared a domestic free agent (FA) by DeNA, on the day when the ban on negotiations was lifted. After negotiations with Yakult, Deputy Representative Otsuka took part in the first negotiations at a hotel in Tokyo for about an hour. It seems that he has offered a total of 200 million yen for two years and a uniform number of “21”, appealing for the need for a right arm that can make a full turn, whether it is a starting pitcher or a middle pitcher, in order to win the Central League for the third consecutive time and regain Japan.

◆ Shoichi Inoh Born in Tokyo on May 1, 1986 (Showa 61). Kisarazu Sohgo In the summer of 2nd year, the team also participated in Koshien outside the bench. Entered Jobu University and won the highest ERA in the Sekiko New Student League in the spring and fall of 4th year. After working at NTT East, joined DeNA in 2012 in 3rd place in the draft. He started in the starting lineup in 2013, the first year, and marked 11 wins in 2014. In 2016, he served as the opening pitcher. 188 cm, 94 kg. Right-handed right-handed.



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