INS Vikrant takes off for the first time

Kochi: India’s first dedicated aircraft carrier launched IN Tejas and 29K MiG fighter jet at S Vikrant. Vikranthil Yudhavima leaves Kochi for trial The two aircraft were flown as part of a test conducted by us. The Tejas is a light combat aircraft (LCA) made in India. The MiG 29K is a Russian jet fighter.

Indian Navy marks a new milestone for a selfless India The Navy said it was standing its ground. Custom design of aircraft carrier and combat aircraft India’s best to develop, build and operate Sena also makes it clear that Shian manifests through this.

INS V is the largest indigenously built ship. Krant was commissioned in September 2022. The Naval Design Directorate, Naval Interior Department (DND) designed the ship. Built at Kochi Shipyard. With over 2,300 compartments, Vikrant can transport 1,700 people at a time.

20 warplanes for Vikranth, the size of two football fields and 10 helicopters to transport about thirty planes. Vikrant can travel at a speed of 28 knots.

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