Inside the Palace Remaining Letter Applied Meghan Markle

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The Duke and Queen Sussex that they are worrying themselves from further drinking after worrying Thomas Markle it may be preparing to issue more excerpts from a serious personal letter written by the duchess to him after the royal wedding. Last weekend, Markle donated the Sunday Mail access to a five-page letter that Meghan Markle wrote in last August, in which she pleaded, “If you love me. . . please stop. . . please stop my relationship with my husband. ”

“Your actions have broken my heart in a million pieces – not just because you made unnecessary and unnecessary pain, but by choosing not to tell the truth as you are under control. What I never understand, ”she wrote to him.

Meghan is said to be “at the end of his spouse” over the decision of her father to continue to give interviews, despite his pleas to stop speaking. Kensington Palace has refused to comment on the letter, and sources near the duchess say there are no plans to comment, and she feared that she could already raise a difficult situation. “She cares for her father, and she is worried about her mental health, which is one of the reasons she doesn't want to comment on this,” says source. “It's a very complicated, very emotional case, and let's not forget that she is pregnant seven months.”

Last week, People Illustrate “the truth about Meghan” by talking to five friends, all of whom said that they were anonymous and that Meghan had tried to “put the story right” in relation to her relationship with her father. The friends claim that Meghan tried again and again to contact her father, who lost her wedding after a heart attack. They are worried about the emotional well-being of the diode itself because of its pressure.

Markle said he intended to keep the letter private, but he felt that Meghan's friends had attacked her defense and attacked him through People magazine, he had no choice to defend himself. “The letter was presented in a way that attracted me and was not true,” he told him Sunday Mail. The full contents of the letter were not published in public, and more details could be released this weekend.

Meghan is said to have committed her father to her 74-year-old age again. In the handwritten letter, some were printed in the letter Sunday Mail over the weekend, the duchess urged her father to stop talking to the papers, so that they could try to solve their difficulties.

It also emerged that The Queen I am concerned about the situation between Meghan and her father. Tell a family friend Vanity Fair that the monarch is aware of the family regime, and urged Prince Harry and Meghan to try and resolve the situation with Markle before Christmas. “She told them both that the whole thing was becoming a nightmare, and that they should try to sort things out,” according to the friend. Buckingham Palace refused to comment on demand.

Markle's decision to share his daughter's letter with the press on how difficult the relationship is is further evidence. Those who are close to Meghan and Harry say that Markle is likely to defend any chance of reconciliation, and that Harry is “angry” and “upset” that his father-law, which he still has to meet, is he still speaking to the press.

While it is considered a very emotional time for the Sussexes, they are continuing their public events, including a visit to the Natural History Museum tomorrow night and a visit to Morocco later this month.

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