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Inspection of energy conservation in public institutions and discussion of countermeasures

-’22Inspection of rationalizing the use of energy in public institutions during the summer a
Discussion on measures to save energy in winter

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(Minister Lee Chang-yang, the Ministry of Industry from now on)Yes 9. 20(rage)14In the Sejong video conference room of the City Government Complex 200about public institutionsthis came·while attending offline Energy conservation audit and countermeasure meeting for public organisationsmaintain it.

yes In this meeting Last summer, during the electricity supply and demand measures period, publicOrganizational energy use Rationalization inspection result with a description,

yes In the context of a growing energy crisis due to a surge in natural gas prices from Europe, Sharing the global energy supply and demand situationdo, for emergency response to energy supply and demand Discussion on measures to save energy in public institutionshe did.

Overview of the Meeting

(date/Place)’22.9.20.(rage) 14:00~15:00/ Sejong Government Complex 13dong 556Ho video conference room

(attendees) Ministry of Industry : Energy Policy Officer

Public institutions : Ministry of Finance, National Police Agency, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Laws and Security, The city of Seoul, Busan, gyeonggi-do, Korea Power Electric Corporation, Korea Energy Corporation etc. 200a dozen organizations

(Discussion) Results of an audit on rationalizing the use of energy in public institutions
now Global energy supply and demand
Energy saving measures for public institutions for emergency response to energy supply and demand

(method of meeting) ArOffline parallel mode(12On-site visits to open organisations)

Inspection results on rationalizing the use of energy in public institutions in the summer, 1,019of public institutions Status check target 280dog organization Proper cooling temperature(28)cast 100% a ritualIt was confirmed that active efforts had been made to save energy in the summer..

ㅇ Other checksItem* Non-compliant agencies(67a dog)Corrective action as a result of re-inspection reflects all Contribute to energy saving in the summer and demand efficiencyhe did.

* Constitution of the Energy Saving Promotion Committee·action, Energy Keeper·activity, belong·Self-inspection of related organisations,
Partial lights out of the window light group, Elevator operationPC Power Reduction Software

Dr. Jihyo Kim from the Korea Institute of Energy Economics Uncertainty in the international energy market is growing in the situation EUoh Compared to the average gas consumption in winter 15% Discountaction, etc. Trends in major countries for stabilizing energy supply and demandshared with the participating organisations,

yes LNGKorea, which imports all of them EUwith reference to a case of The need to strengthen winter demand management measureshas been explained.

In order to overcome the energy supply and demand crisis, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Leading public institutionsstep out to Strengthen energy saving and demand management effortsexplain what needs to be done, A request to strengthen the energy saving efforts of all organizations.

yes Especially Comply with appropriate heating temperatures, Winter Strategic Peak Time Sequential suspension of heater etc. winter Reinforce the energy saving of public institutionsto act,

ㅇ Current status of energy consumption by each organization and Present energy saving goals and plans for this year’s winter seasonask to do.

Wonju Lee, Minister of Energy Policy, Ministry of Industry energy price surge, In a situation of instability of supply and demand Save energy and reduce demand in the public sectorthis more than ever important pointemphasize that.

yes together, Encourage the private sector to take an active role in energy conservation money back energy, Efficiency innovation project for energy-intensive buildings, etc.expanded throughout the country intend to go outHe said.

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