Inspector Kan’s family opens up for the first time revealing the harrowing bond, asking for justice

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Open your mind for the first time, Inspector Kan’s family reveals the real harrowing bond, 5 pendants ask for justice Speed ​​up the investigation of the case within 3 days.

Of the habit of conquering madness “Inspector Kan” or Pol. Lt. Col. Kittikarn Sangboon, aged 51, attached to the Special Branch News Development Center Police Headquarters with psychotic symptoms layeringInside the house in Sai Mai area After the officers spend more than 27 hours persuading Arintharat unit attack to arrest and inspector Kan will die later from a retaliatory missile Until the question arises in society with this practice

Recently, the family of Inspector Kan, led by Mr Likit Sangboon, 58 years old, the eldest brother, together with his father and mother and more than 20 relatives, have come out to give an interview to the media about the first time. He is the youngest of 5 brothers and sisters. He is a kind hearted person. humble and honest Loved by neighbors and colleagues Never bully, scare, hurt anyone’s heart

The family of Inspector Kan

cause of stress

elder brotherInspector Kan Having said that before, Inspector Kan worked in the drug prevention area. and he was transferred to the Police College Education Headquarters Although the first period was an adjustment period due to involuntary migration But later, Inspector Kan felt satisfied and worked well all the time. Tan wanted to work in the same place until the last order He was ordered to move without knowing before, who was still satisfied with Inspector Kan at first, but when he understood that the nature of the work was not the same as that of front There are many problems within the organisation. have more of an effect on the mind until the stress doesn’t want to go to work Because it’s a job he’s not good at.

“This move is an involuntary move. as news It was very disappointing and sad. In this move that was suddenly moved unexpectedly No voluntary inquiries So, carefully check the location of the person who takes his place, who is the person, and how is he related? because he knows and fears that this matter will be ignored,” Inspector Kan’s brother told reporters

Photo of the incident, Inspector Kan causing shooting inside the house.


As a result of the incident, the family has 5 main requests, namely:

  1. to interrogate the arresting officers Who broke into the house, a set of snipers placed around the house that each person is assigned something What kind of firearm does each person use? Who are the officers who enter all the houses? How many bullets are there? which gun to use How many bullets have been removed, how many shots have been fired, how many bullets are left?
  2. I want the prosecutor to join the investigation this time.
  3. investigate the Chief Police Commander who commanded the incident and police officers in the arrest command suite who decided to order this raid and arrest him
  4. for a fair investigation and fairness to all parties Complete the investigation within 3 days, namely March 22, 2023.
  5. ask to question the officers who went to inspect the preliminary building where the accident happened What things have you checked?

The funeral of Inspector Kan

As for what the family is still suspicious and curious about Why didn’t the commander use the method by taking it gently to heal? But instead lead many police officers with heavy weapons under pressure This method causes increasing stress. Think of him as a person around to hold his own. He is unlikely to do in this age. Just wait for him to calm down, he should be able to relieve stress.

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