Installation of two large cranes has been completed. Five missing persons are being searched for.

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It has now been a week since the Gwangju apartment collapse, but there has been no news of additional rescue.

Let’s first connect the site and see how the rescue operation is going.

Reporter Geon-Hwi Kim, the search continued today to find the five missing people, right?

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Yes, today, despite the risk, the search for the rescue team to find the five missing people continued.

After fighting for over 12 hours from 7:30 am, no additional missing persons have been found.

11 rescue dogs entered the entire floor of the building, including the upper floors, which are still difficult for people to enter, but it is said that there was only a slight reaction between the 22nd and 28th floors, which had previously reacted.

Rescue authorities are installing a forward command post on the 20th floor of the collapsed apartment to facilitate the search for people on the upper floors.

This is the foundation for speeding up the search by storing equipment and items in this relatively safe area.

In addition, all debris has been removed from the first and basement floors until today, and the search operation has been completed.

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The search inside the building has not made much progress yet, but it seems that the search for the upper floors can be accelerated by dismantling the tilted tower crane now.

How is the dismantling work going?

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Yes, today the work of reinforcing the wire on the tower crane to be dismantled has begun in earnest.

Rescue authorities are planning to secure two wires each at four nearby apartment locations, and secure safety until tomorrow by connecting all eight wires to an unstable crane.

However, we have witnessed a dizzying scene in which the workers who were put into the site today climbed directly onto the crane to be dismantled to connect the wires, and in some cases, the workers installed a basket on the large crane that was built yesterday to work on it.

Rescue authorities said that to dismantle the tower crane, it cannot be avoided to go up and work on it.

Also, a little before, around 6 pm, an additional large crane was assembled.

The goal is to measure exactly how tilted the tower crane in question is by tomorrow and complete stabilization work such as wire reinforcement.

The authorities explain that the dismantling will start on Thursday at the earliest and finish on Friday.

So far, this is Kim Gun-hwi from MBC News at the site of the Gwangju apartment collapse.

Video coverage: Kim Hee-gun

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