Insufficient Hemp Farming Efforts Across the Ohio Valley

Hemp growers in the region hope that a recent change in federal law has changed that they can profit the abolition of plants in a legal limbo.

The latest Farm Bill is legal legal hemp, which can be used for products from clothing to soap and herbal remedies. Now it's up to states to decide how to handle hemp. But as described by Liam Niemeyer of Ohio Valley ReSource, not every state in the region is ready to put cash on the hemp.

Also on today's week, the provision of controversial education bill – Seanad Bill 241 – is going through West West House, now for provision to create chartered schools in West Virginia. Republican leaders aim to be implemented, but teachers and their unions are opposed. Joshua Weishart is a legal and policy-maker professor at the University of West Virginia who studies the legal relationship between states and schools.

Weishart recently wrote an article describing why he felt that the provision of schools chart in the Seanad Bill was 451 unconstitutional.

Yesse Wright, public broadcasting director of Public Broadcasting, Jesse Wright, told Weishart last week about these arguments. Listening to extract from that conversation.

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