insulting customers The buffet restaurant will fine the money, eat more than 8 points, the management condemns disgusting behavior.

Angry customers, the buffet restaurant will adjust the money, eat more than 8 dashes, curse the uneducated workers. spread to food quality Executives exercise their rights to defend condemning unethical offensive behaviour

The restaurant executives are admired by the social world. Oshinei Khon Kaen which is a Japanese buffet restaurant ready to recommend prosecution “customer” who came to use the service and ate 870 grams left, who had to pay a fine of 150 baht/mark, with the shop reducing the fine to only 800 grams or 8 marks only

but “customer” one claimed to be “payer” show dissatisfaction Reprimand employees with rude words like uneducated, just subordinates for wages. What right do you have to adjust food to market standard? Why do so many people come to eat? Why not go break After that, the rest of the food was eaten. and the restaurant cancels the fine bill.

However, “Ochinay Khon Kaen” executives have exercised their rights to protect workers and restaurants. along with denouncing the customer’s behavior as the misconduct of a civilized gentleman And it is abhorrent in a developed society.

for all events The restaurant confirmed that There are clips of the incident, photos, clips from CCTV cameras. The testimony of the employees and other customers who were present at the event in full.

Ochine Restaurant, Khon Kaen revealed yesterday that a group of customers who came to eat at our restaurant around 20.00-22.00, after eating a promotion of 550++, ate a large amount of leftover shabu group food.

📌 if you eat leftovers The rule we inform every time before eating is that there is a fine of 150 baht per score, which can be wrapped back. (We wrap it back like new) including a notice posted at the PR table at the entrance of the restaurant as well… which has such fine rules a standard rule for all buffet restaurants in Thailand and abroad.

🥹 Such customers Eating 870 grams left, the shop has reduced only 800 grams or 8 limits, our staff have offered the option to pay the fine. or continue eating until the end The customer told me at the table that the money could be fined.

but after She seems to have a female customer who left before the dissatisfaction. (Saying he was the one who paid) can anger the employee over the phone. then come back to blame our staff and shop with rude, harsh words like

– no education
– Only a subordinate earns a salary What right do you have to adjust?
– market grade food Why do so many people come to eat? Why not go broke
(Insulting the same sentence over and over and having other words swear)

After scolding our staff, we eat the food. (What we have already packed) Continue at the table until it is all gone. The shop has canceled the bill (as pictured) and issued a new bill without penalty.

The executives of Ochinay Khon Kaen Co., Ltd. would like to inform the above customers that The behavior you have treated our employees with is the unconventional behavior of a civilized gentleman. That is, insulting (bullying) towards gender, class, education, position, age, occupation, person or company is an offense against the law. And it is disgusting in a developed society. we have clips of events, photographs, clips from CCTV cameras Testimonials from employees and other customers who were present at the event testify.

By the way, the worker you accuse is a native of Khon Kaen. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree from an institution in Khon Kaen Province Worked with Ochinay Khon Kaen since the store opened (about 5 years) Employees are knowledgeable, competent, honest, experienced, and receive high wages. total welfare Including grade A bonuses every year

Each branch of “Ochinei” imports authentic ingredients from Japan with a certificate from JETRO (Japan’s external trade organization) and Norway (Norway’s food safety authority), which is displayed in the shop, including “Toro Chop” which n currently popular is also supported. by JETRO. Because of the high orders of raw materials in our branch as well… so it is not market grade as he said.

Finally… Ochinay Khon Kaen reserves the right to serve such customers in the next time. Would you like to condemn the disgusting behavior you have done to our staff on this occasion, however, if such actions happen again We may consider taking legal action to the extreme.

with great respect
Management, Ochinay Khon Kaen


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