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integration of the technology world Responding to the introduction of digital systems into the new era of factories

Date 27 Jun 2022 time 18:22

The integration of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in the manufacturing sector responds to the adoption of digital systems in the new era of factories.

Sebastian Kruger, Paessler’s vice president for Asia-Pacific, said COVID-19 was affecting manufacturing. and income of industrial groups around the world like never before The rapidly changing market conditions make Forecasting is possible in the short term. and companies need to modify and create new things quick to respond to trends and changing needs Despite the uncertainty in the past year But what we see in 2021 and from now on is that the manufacturing sector has more applications for industrial IoT or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

after the epidemic The manufacturing sector is expected to remain a key driver. for the economy in Southeast Asia Industrial companies are adopting modern technology. which allows Quickly deploy new applications and services and improve quality and performance to enable agility. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50% of organizations will use the IIoT platform with increasing use of connected devices. to obtain information from various points in the network and improve plant operations. This is an increase from 2020 when only 10% of IIoT is implemented. The Southeast is a growing region. and Thailand is ready to be a major player in this region.

Thailand’s industrial sector continued to expand for the fourth month in a row in April. And the future situation of the market still looks bright. In addition, there is support from the government to help take care of the transition into the Industry 4.0 era, which will help push Thailand away from traditional industries. to advanced industries or intelligent systems The intention of empowering producers is evident from the event. Manufacturing Expo 2022, which showcases the key players in the industry. and digital solutions that have been used to increase the potential of production better

Attach wings with digital tools.

The epidemic situation has spurred interest in digital transformation. Therefore, look for opportunities in digital technology. to address low productivity issues and strengthening itself as a world-class factory They should also make appropriate use of the information to reflect the practical details of the business. in terms of improvement The best production processes

from the survey of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) under the Ministry of Digital for Economy and Society In 2020, it is predicted that hardware and smart devices in Thailand will grow by 4.40%, with a total value of 286,448 million baht. in progress including planning for digital transformation and readiness for post-COVID-19 Innovations in IoT and Automation Including robot technology being increasingly used in factories to replace foreign workers and other jobs that Thai workers refuse.

With data becoming the lifeblood of the enterprise and the foundation of the evolution of manufacturing, manufacturers can no longer avoid digital transformation. information also helps Traditional industrial supply chain has changed to login Connected dynamics that enable manufacturers to improve operational efficiency and create an advantage. official competition The transition also brings about the integration of the IT and OT worlds for a new level of efficiency.

The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technologies (OT) that drives digital transformation.

The integration of IT and OT systems in the manufacturing sector is not a new concept. In fact, such trends have been discussed. Back in 2011 and in fact today, IT administrators in large industrial companies Having to deal with OT more than ever before

The role of IT and OT teams in these organizations has grown. covering from the audit From industrial Ethernet to the maintenance of OT infrastructure to function normally, the IT and OT domains are becoming increasingly relevant. The data is sent from the factory. to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or cloud system. under the challenge of what to do so that both teams can work together smoothly. Despite their strengths, perspectives, knowledge, and tasks that prioritize differently

IT teams are always focused on business information and keeping up to date with technology. While OT teams tend to look at the efficiency of the manufacturing sector and the sustainability of the process. finding the equilibrium point It is difficult for both parties to be satisfied. and the next step that should be taken is making both sides Get an overview of the whole process

IT and OT jobs have different toolsets under many different standards and protocols. The problem is multiplied in large enterprises that may consist of hundreds of thousands of IT and OT devices across multiple locations. because it may mean danger that will occur From the problems that escaped the eyes of both teams, therefore, while the manufacturers were committed to integrating run smoothly Manufacturers should also consider technology to help care whole work process On the production side by:

1. Monitoring of OT systems and industrial infrastructure – To understand factory conditions through observation and monitoring of special equipment on the OT side such as

? Industrial Ethernet devices like routers, switches, and firewalls

? Industrial cabinets used to store equipment and hardware.

? Industrial gateways that connect parts with protocol conversion gathering information together and transfer to various destinations

2. Maintaining Normal Operation of Controllers and Commanding Systems – Monitoring factory systems such as SCADA and MES, and ensuring their normal operation is critical to any operational architecture. industry Because if the system has a problem, it can cause enormous damage immediately.

3. OT Data Integration under the concept of system monitoring – Closes the blind spots in the system infrastructure by integrating all data under one tool that provides an overview of all IT and OT components.

When manufacturers can observe, monitor, manage, understand, and act on the information they collect, they can drive the direction of information and processes with people. and the appropriate tools Regardless of which side of the data, it is centered or at the edge. System Monitoring Capability Total Digital Supply Network and taking care of the system to function normally will help produce results truly successful

So when we step into the future data driven innovation in the industrial sector It has the potential to make Thailand more competitive in manufacturing on the global stage. Paessler, as an IT monitoring specialist, understands the role of data. which serves as a compass pointing the way to the industry And with its PRTG system monitoring solution, Paessler is ready to assist businesses and manufacturers in monitoring the integration of the IT and OT worlds and maintaining a smooth digital transformation process. and allows better monitor data both in the same place and in various fields



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