Intel Arc A770 comes last? Pet Galsinger makes a surprise appearance on Twitter

The representative model of the Arc A770 series will be released soon.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger posted a photo of himself holding a limited edition Arc A770 on Twitter, and said he had been told the first batch was ready for sale.

Although a specific release date was not mentioned, it is very likely that the innovation event scheduled for September 27 is D-day. Since Intel has promised to release the A770 until the end of the summer, that is, the third quarter, it is expected that pre-order sales will begin at this time.

The initial model of the A770 will be provided by supplying products designed by Intel through partners, and it is known that it will be released at a price of less than $ 400. The performance was set for the RTX 3060 Ti, and the performance is expected to actually be higher than that, but there are also concerns that driver problems will become a stumbling block.

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