Intel Elder Lake compatible motherboards, H670/B660/H610 chipset specifications leaked

In relation to the motherboard corresponding to the Intel 12th generation CPU, the Elder Lake CPU, the specifications of some motherboard chipsets have recently been leaked.

The leaked motherboard chipset lineup has been confirmed as specifications for the H670 chipset belonging to the mainstream class to the B660 and H610 which will be positioned at the entry level.

First, it is a memory support type, but based on the leaked specifications, it seems that all three main boards (H670~H610) are planning to support DDR5 and DDR4 at the same time. It is currently interpreted that the motherboard will be released through differentiation like the D4/D5.

In the case of CPU overclocking, it is supported only by the existing Z690 series, and in the case of memory overclocking, all three chipset motherboards Z690/H670/B660 support memory overclocking, which seems to have applied the same policy as the existing Rocket Lake memory overclocking.

Next, for PCIe support lanes, Z690/H670 supports CPU PCIe 5.0 16 lanes and mainboard chipset PCie 4.0 separate 12 lanes, enabling a combination of PCIe 5.0-based graphics card + PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD, etc. , B660 will support 6 lanes of chipset PCIe 4.0 along with CPU PCIe 5.0 lanes, and H610 will support only PCie 3.0 lanes.

Finally, as for the release date of the leaked H670/B660/H610 chipset, it is known that it will be released along with Intel’s 12th generation Non-K series at CES 2022 in January next year.



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