Intel latest internet chipset ‘i226-V’ disconnection issue

▲ Photo = Intel

An internet disconnection issue is mentioned in the i226-V 2.5GbE controller, the latest internet chipset from Intel.

According to the content, the i226-V is the successor model of the i225-V Ethernet chipset, and the same issue that happened in the previous i225-V also happened in the latest i226-V. The phenomenon is thought to be a design flaw where the device randomly disconnects for a few seconds while using the Internet.

▲ Photo = Techpowerup
▲ Photo = Techpowerup

So far, Intel i226-V chipset motherboards have been applied to Intel 700 series chipset motherboards, and users complaining of symptoms are mentioned through Microsoft, Reddit, and ASUS forums.

In relation to this, Techpowerup, a foreign press, also experienced the disconnection issue as a result of experimenting through the laboratory, and said that the same problem occurred even if it was activated at 1Gbps through the BIOS option.

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