Intel wins!European Court of Justice Rejects $1.2 Billion Antitrust Fine Judgment |

After more than 10 years of litigation, the European General Court on Wednesday (26th) rejected the EU’s 1.06 billion euros (1.2 billion US dollars) antitrust fine against Intel.

The European General Court on Wednesday rejected most of the European Commission’s 2009 ruling against Intel, arguing that the antitrust analysis of Intel was incomplete and that legal criteria could not be used to determine that Intel’s actions could have anticompetitive effects.

The court stated that because it could not establish damages related to Intel’s actions, it canceled all the fines imposed by the Executive Committee on Intel.

The European Commission accused Intel of abusing its dominant position in 2009 by offering illegal kickbacks to computer makers such as Acer, Dell and Lenovo in an effort to squeeze out rival AMD (AMD-US) It issued a fine of 1.06 billion euros.

Dissatisfied with the decision of the Executive Committee, Intel subsequently appealed, but it was rejected by the European Court of Justice in 2014, and the case was returned to the European Court of Justice for retrial in 2017.

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