Intensified labor-management conflict at the Korea Development Bank… msgstr “The previous plan submitted to seize it is invalid!”

KDB union press conference calling for the dissolution of the source
“Chairman Seok-Hoon Kang’s constant non-communication” was heavily criticized.

On the 28th, the Industrial Bank of Korea branch of the National Financial Industry Trade Union held a press conference in front of the Financial Services Commission in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, calling for the liquidation of the source of the illegal and hasty transfer of the Industrial Bank. from Korea. photo = news journalism

While KDB Industrial Bank has started administrative procedures to relocate its head office to Busan, opposition from the labor union is fierce day after day.

On the 28th, the Korea Development Bank branch of the National Financial Industry Trade Union (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Korea Industrial Bank Union’) declared ‘illegal’ before the Gwanghwamun Financial Services Commission.·A press conference was held to urge the revocation of the source of the hasty transfer scheme from the Industrial Bank of Korea.

At the press conference, officials from the Korean Federation of Trade Unions, the National Financial Industry Trade Union, and Justice Party lawmaker Bae Jin-gyo attended the press conference.

The KDB union demanded in a press conference, “Chairman Seok-hoon Kang refused to establish the ‘TF labor management joint relocation feasibility’ that the union requested, and unilaterally decided to designate the relocation organization even though there are about 2,800 workers signed the objection. ”

Then, when asked by employees about the reason for relocating to Busan, Chairman Kang Seok-hoon strongly criticized, saying that he was constantly in a disobedient attitude by only repeating unconvincing answers such as ‘The President’s Promise’.

The KDB union said, “KDB’s relocation plan included the relocation of the head office, so it should have gone through a board of directors decision. We will do everything we can to take legal action, including temporary and temporary suspension. legal action injunction.”

In addition, he said, “This relocation plan was handled in an external secret room without consultation with labor managers.”

Justice Party lawmaker Bae Jin-gyo, who attended the scene, said, “President Yoon directly said at a regional meeting held in Daejeon that ‘balanced national development cannot be achieved through government-led methods such as the relocation of public institutions.’ What’s different about Yoon Seok-yeol?” he said.

Kim Hyeon-joon, head of the Korea Development Bank union, said, “It’s not simply that we don’t want to go to Busan, but let’s discuss whether relocating a state-owned bank to Busan is a policy that is right for’ the organization. national economy.” We need to properly discuss where to put it and make a straight decision.”


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