Inter Milan vs. Lazio preview: Inter Milan is eager to win 3 points, two main players missed Inzaghi against the old owner_Sari_Naples_Serie A

Original title: Inter Milan vs. Lazio Preview: Inter Milan’s desire to win 3 points, two main players missed Inzaghi against the old owner

At 03:45 on January 10th, Beijing time, the 21st round of Serie A ushered in a strong dialogue. Inter Milan played at home against Lazio.

First:Two teams situation! After the 20th round of Serie A, Inter Milan led the Serie A standings with 14 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss and 46 points. Lazio ranked eighth with 9 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses with 32 points. Inter Milan’s last league home game 1-0 victory over Turin, the last round of the game was postponed due to the epidemic; Lazio’s last round of Serie A home game with Empoli 3-3, the team’s two consecutive victories were ended, and Mobilay lost points.

second:Inter Milan’s championship requires 3 points, the two main trump cards are absent, Inzaghi and Correa face their former owners! The last round of Inter Milan’s match was postponed, and currently only leads Milan by 1 point. The team will play against Lazio in this round of Serie A. Inter Milan is eager to take all three points + eight consecutive league victories! However, the main players of the two ace players of Inter Milan were absent. Dzeko was injured and Charhanoglu was suspended. If Inter’s main center and midfielder are absent at the same time, it will have a serious impact on Inter’s offense. Coach Inzaghi Jr. and Argentine striker Correa face their former owners.

third:Lazio’s performance is unstable, and the combat effectiveness is unpredictable! Lazio, coached by Sarri, is in a good state of jet lag. In the last round, they drew Empoli 3-3. Many players missed the opportunity and there were many loopholes in the defense. If Lazio continues the status of the last round, then facing Inter Milan will be suspended, to see if Sarri can adjust the team status in time and get points away.

fourth:Little Inzaghi PK Surrey! Inzaghi is now gradually entering the ranks of famous coaches. Sarri has also achieved success in Naples and Chelsea. In this campaign, the two Italian famous coaches will face off. Who can win the game surprisingly?

The two sides played against each other nearly 6 times, Inter Milan 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, slightly disadvantaged.

Injuries on both sides: Inter haveZheke, Cordas, Satriano, among themCharhanogluSuspension; Lazio has Archerby, of which Akpa participates in the African Cup.Return to Sohu to see more


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