‘Internal Medicine Director Park’ Lee Seo-jin, the comic potential already exploded… bald hair transformation [N컷]

Poster/teabing by Dr. Park of Internal Medicine © News1

Teabing’s original ‘Internal Medicine Director Park’ Seo-jin Lee bursts into comic potential.

Teabing’s original ‘Internal Medicine Director Park’ (directed by Seo Jun-beom/provided by TVING) robbed viewers of attention with a teaser poster containing Lee Seo-jin’s radical transformation on the 7th.

‘Park Director of Internal Medicine’ is a medical comedy depicting the ‘funny’ reality of a novice doctor who is not even wise. Director Park’s story of escaping the fittest, who dreamed of becoming a true doctor, but still struggles between medicine and craftsmanship in a flying doctor’s office today, gives a pleasant laugh and empathy.

The original webtoon of the same name, ‘Doctor Park Wonjang’ (written/illustrated by Jang Bong-soo), recorded more than 4 million hits on Naver Webtoon Best Challenge, taking the top spot in the next webtoon league. As detailed and realistic as it is drawn by a specialist with 20 years of experience, the story is loved by arousing sympathetic laughter. In particular, the official Naver Webtoon serialization starts at the same time as the drama production, raising expectations.

Meanwhile, the teaser poster released is a sensation itself. Seojin Lee transformed into ‘Park Wonjang’ with 100% synchronization with the original character. His unconventional visuals, properly dressed in comics, raise expectations for future performances.

Director Park, wearing a doctor’s gown in the poster, has the secret rose of a novice doctor. What catches the eye more than anything else is his bald hair with a flashing halo. The meaningful phrase ‘a shining doctor, a life in debt’ hanging over it seems to hint at a sad future for Park Won-sang.

Seo-jin Lee challenges her first comic acting in her life. Park Won-jang, played by him, is a salty novice practitioner who struggles between medicine and tactics. After many twists and turns, he prepared ‘My Hospital’, but with the growing debt and stress, Director Park worries about his hair falling out. From recruiting talent to marketing, his tearful struggle to save the internal medicine department on the verge of ‘explosion’ will give a pleasant laugh. Seo-jin Lee’s hard carry transformed into a face that has never been seen before is more awaited than ever.

On the other hand, ‘Internal Medicine Director Park’ will be directed by Seo Jun-beom, a ‘hit maker’ in the advertising world, and is responsible for the perfection of the script. Trendy and sensual productions, and a different laugh code suitable for the new format, are expected to captivate viewers.

‘Internal Medicine Director Park’ will be released exclusively on TV in January 2022.

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