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Dr. Cai Mingjie reminded that it is still necessary to prescribe the right medicine to lose weight. (Schematic / pixabay)

In recent years, due to the increase in health awareness, many people will adjust their body posture through various drugs and diet. Cai Mingjie, an expert in metabolism and endocrinology, posted an article on his Facebook page, claiming that according to international journal research, “there are four types of obesity.”

Dr Cai Mingjie posted on his fan page, where he pointed out that according to a 2021 article in the journal Obesity, the research team recruited 450 obese subjects, from the diet pattern (hunger, satiety, gastric emptying ), hedonic eating , basal metabolic rate, etc., and finally divide obese people into four types, and give corresponding countermeasures for each type:

1. Hunger brain: You must eat food with 62% more calories than others in order to feel full. Such patients are treated with the oral drug phentermine-topiramate, which suppresses appetite, or lorcaserin (the latter is no longer available in 2022).

2. Hungry bowel: Gastric emptying speed is 31% faster than others. Such patients are injected subcutaneously with liraglutide, commonly known as a thin needle, which prevents gastric emptying.

3. Emotional hunger: Anxiety is particularly high, 2.8 times more than other ethnic groups. Such patients are given the oral drug naltrexone/bupropion, which has an antidepressant effect.

4. Poor metabolism: Basal metabolic rate is 12% lower than others. Such patients are treated with the oral drug phentermine, which stimulates sympathetic arousal.


The research team also divided the subjects into two categories: “classified group” and “unclassified group” Among them, the “classified group” will be administered separately according to the physical fitness of the subjects, and the average still allows the subjects. lost 15.9% of body weight, while the “unclassified group” was administered directly, with an average weight loss of 9.0%. Although 79% of the subjects in the classified group lost more than 10% of their body weight, only 34% of the unclassified group lost more than 10%.

Cai Mingjie said that the division of these four bodies is not one size fits all, There are many patients who span both bodies at the same time, and some even have all four bodies. Cai Mingjie also emphasized that diet and exercise are the foundation of a healthy body, but he does not oppose the use of rational drugs Legal weight loss drugs have strict indications and specifications (BMI is above the standard, along with three high chronic diseases, etc. ) The advantages of precise drug administration to patients outweigh the disadvantages.

And he also emphasized that “abusing drugs that do not meet the indications”, “prescribing cocktail diet pills with many side effects”, “applying an extreme diet regardless of physical differences”, these behaviors should be beware of the public and doctors.


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