international | Pragnananda lost to Vincent Keymer; Arjun Erigaysi in the semi-finals

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Pragnananda lost in the quarters at the Julius Baer Generation Chess as part of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. It is worth noting that the competition was between 17 cars. 17 year old Pragnananda and 17 year old Vincent Keimer from Germany. Since Pragnananda lost in the qualifying round, most people thought that Pragnananda would win in the quarters.

Vincent Kaymer won the first game in a four game battle. The next two games were even. Vincent defeated Kaymer Pragnananda in the fourth decider as well. With this, Pragnananda was out. Vincent Kaymer went to the semi-finals. If Pragnananda had won, the hopes of chess lovers that Pragnananda would fight Magnus Carlsen in Julius Baer chess were dashed.

Arjun Erigeisi, another player from India, made it to the semi-finals. Arjun Erigaisi reached the semi-finals by defeating 15-year-old American Master Grant Christopher Yu in the quarters. Christopher Yu is a dangerous player who made headlines by defeating Pragnananda in the qualifying round of this tournament. Arjun Erigaisi had to face a tough test from U. It took six games as both won alternately. Erigeysi was the first victory. Yu then won. Yet Erigeysi won. You won again in the fourth game. Erigaysi won the fifth game. Erigeysi sealed the victory with a draw in the sixth game.

Magnus Carlsen defeated the famous American master Levon Aronian in the quarter-finals and qualified for the semi-finals. In the four-round match, Levon Aronian stunned Magnus Carlsen with a win in the first match. But without delay, Magnus Carlsen won the next three matches.

Vietnamese player Le Quang Liem defeated American Hans Niemann, the controversial man of the tournament, in the semi-finals. Le Kwang Liem won the first game. Hans Niemann won the second match. The third game ended in a draw. Le Quang Liem won the decisive fourth match. Magnus Carlsen, who played Hans Niemann in the heat, left the tournament after just one move. Hans Niemann had defeated Magnus Carlsen in the previous Cinquefield tournament. Carlsen later refused to compete with Hans Niemann, accusing him of cheating. Magnus Carlsen lost a point after withdrawing from the match with Hans Niemann, but won consecutive games and entered the quarter-finals as the first in the Julius Baer Cup. He defeated Levon Aronian in the quarters and entered the semi-finals.

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